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touch the fire twice

Hey guys!

So I’m all moved into the new apartment and I absolutely adoreeee it <3 The view is gorgeous and theres so much space. The only this is that the walk to the subway station (and center city) is a bit long, but you get some you loose some. I will be sure to post pictures when I take some. My July 4th weekend was okay...a bit mixed lol. I didn't end up seeing fireworks on Friday, but got to go out shopping and to dinner yesterday. Today we just kind of lounged around and relaxed but it was nice. I really don't feel like starting the week again tomorrow =( I just want like a week long vacation. lol. I miss the summers where I didn't have to work and I just layed around all week haha. Those were the days... I'm actually kind of looking forward to the Fall semester...not so much to the homework or marching band though haha.

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