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New Beauty Blog Launch!

I’ve been working for the past few days in transferring over my beauty blog to adorability.org from the onsugar site. I’m happy to announce that its finished (with a new name: AdoraBeauty) and I’m really proud of the look! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to transfer over all the posts I had on the other site to WordPress, but I was able to import them all with a bit of trial and error. I did have to go through each post and fix formatting and linking issues, but luckily there aren’t too many posts total so it wasn’t too much work. Let me know what you think. 🙂 I may fix up the header a bit…the height of the dark gray bar bothers me a little.

This past weekend was actually pretty good for once. Well, Friday had the potential to be bad but luckily everything worked out okay. I had gotten tickets through Fandango to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but I didn’t realize that I had gotten tickets for the wrong theater until we were on the bus. At first, I figured we could just see it at the theater we were going to anyway (thus wasting the $22 I spent), until I found out that they weren’t even playing it at that theater (what kind of theater wouldn’t play POTC? Stupid AMC). So I had to jump on Google Maps on my phone to see if it were possible to walk to the theater I gotten the tickets for. Turns out the walk wasn’t too bad…about 15 mins from the bus stop, although it was down a couple un-pedestrian friendly roads with barbed wire and factories. Was rather creepy walking back afterwards in the dark haha. I enjoyed the movie (better than the 3rd one actually). I found that the plot was much more simple than the previous movies.

On Saturday, I went with my friend to an arts festival in the Fishtown area. Was lots of fun! I totally didn’t wear sunscreen though, and have some nice red lines in odd areas to show for it haha. I bought some soap (cilantro scented!) and a couple cute animal magnets. I came home a little before 6 to find that the bf had cleaned the whole apartment (at which point I figured that the rapture really was upon us, or that I had been transferred to some alternate universe). But the world didn’t end, thankfully, and I was able to relax for most of Sunday. And by relax, I mean sleep on the couch for half the day. 🙂

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