NOTW: Revlon “Not So Blueberry”

I haven’t done of Nails of the Week post in awhile. To be honest, my nails have been unpainted for most of the week, and I’ve run out of colors to show off for the most part. But today, I decided to try on one of the colors I received in my recent giveaway win, Revlon’s “Not So Blueberry”! This is a scented polish that is blueish purple in color and smells like blueberries when dry. Note that its only scented when dry…do not do what I did and disregard the large red label that says “Scented When Dry” and try to take a big whiff inside the polish bottle. It will not smell like blueberries LOL. It does smell lovely when its dry, though! This polish is super glittery as well. Zoya Get Even was used as a base coat, and no top coat was used so that the scent could come through.

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