NuMe 25mm Curling Wand

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But is my review on the NuMe Curling Wand (size 25mm). I received a gift card of $100 for NuMe in my February Glam Bag, and since I sort of needed a curling iron I used it on this. I did have one previously, but it was not clip-less (even though I was using it as a clip-less iron), so I figured I would purchase one that was actually clip-less and good quality. I chose the hot pink color of course! Here is the description of the curling wand from NuMe’s website: “NuMe’s tourmaline curling wands lets you have it all by creating gorgeous long lasting curls and voluminous waves. The simple and effective clip-free design gives you silky smooth curls every time without the risk of tugging or breaking your hair. Our exciting technology will give you the healthy, bouncy, luscious curls that you only dreamed about having. Best for all hair types.”

The wand comes with a glove to protect your hand from burning. Although I tried it a couple times, I actually don’t like using the glove because I can’t really feel where the piece of hair I am curling ends. But I do think its great to include and probably necessary to use if you’re just starting out with a clip-less curling iron and may not be used to holding it yet. The curling wand itself is very very lightweight, which is a far stretch from my previous Hot Tools one. It is tourmaline-infused to prevent damage and has Negative Ion Technology to reduce static and frizz. There is only one heat setting (which is extremely hot) and it heats up very quickly as well. The one feature I really wish it had was an indicator light, because I always seem to forget to turn it off! Below are my results: before, after, and after fluffing the curls out a bit (which looks much more natural).

I definitely think this is a great curling iron and I love it, but I don’t really think it is worth the price tag of $155. I only paid $55 since I had the gift card, and I think it is probably worth that much, not the full price it lists. The advantages this has over my other iron are that it curls my hair slightly faster (maybe 10 minutes instead of 15) and the curls are very defined and are a little less frizzy. Besides that, this doesn’t do much that my previous curling iron didn’t do. There are also many good curling wands that are made of the same material (tourmaline) that retail for well under $100 that I’ve come across, and I assume they would give the same results. This does get rave reviews, though, so if you really want a good clip-less curling iron (and have the extra cash) then you can’t go wrong with this one!

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