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Out with 2011, In with 2012!

I think I’ve given up on posting here regularly. I just can’t do it! Oh well…here is your once-every-2-months post!

So its time to reflect on 2011…and to be honest, I’m not even sure what to reflect on. The only major change in my life was Shawn coming back to Philly and moving into our new apartment, which was exactly a year ago pretty much. The beginning of the year was pretty exciting because of that. After that excitement wore off, the rest of the year was fairly uneventful (as you can tell by my general lack of blogging over the past year). The exception being my trip to Vegas in September, which was awesome! But yea…2011 was okay. Nothing amazing.

I want to change that this year, or at least try to. I guess that’s my main “resolution”, to try and make this year memorable in some way. Not necessarily by doing something huge or through some big major change, but with little things like going out more, or doing more activities. That aside, I have some more specific goals for 2012…

  • Exercise more: Yea, I make this resolution every year (don’t we all?). I’m pretty bad about keeping it, but nevertheless, my goal is to exercise at least 3 times a week, preferably 5 if I can. I find that this helps with my energy level pretty considerably, and also with my mood…so I’d love if I can actually stick with it this year!
  • Go on Vacation: Shawn and I have already talked about another vacation this year. We are thinking about going on a cruise somewhere, probably in the Fall like we did last year.
  • Buy a House: This is more a goal for Shawn than it is for me, but we’d like to move into a house after our lease is up at the end of 2012. We (well, moreso he) have been looking at houses in the area we already live in. I’m not sure when we’ll start seriously looking, but probably in the summertime.
  • Spend Less: Not that I’ve been spending exorbitant amounts of money or anything, but I’d like to adjust my spending habits a bit and actually stick to my monthly budget, which I usually don’t.
  • Pay Off My Student Loans: This is a bit contradictory to the above, but I would like to pay off at least 1 or 2 of my student loans…and I think I’m going to start this month by paying off 1 of them. I do have enough to pay them off, but I’ve just never felt comfortable putting that much money toward something at one time. As the interest keeps building, though, I’ve realized (or, rather, Shawn has made me realize) that paying them off sooner while I can is probably the better option.
  • Look into Grad programs: This isn’t so much a goal I am going to act on (i.e enrolling), but I’d like to start looking into programs to see if I can find anything interesting. I have no time or money to actually do anything now (I think time is probably the main issue with me), but at least I can get an idea of whats out there and what I’d be interested in.
  • Confidence/Positivity: I wasn’t sure how I wanted to word this “goal”. At first it was along the lines of “be more outgoing”, which is a ridiculous goal for someone like me to have. Then I realized the real issue was that I care so much about other people and what they think of me, and that’s what I need to work on, not altering my personality to fit what it should be. So yea…confidence. This is also in the same vein of “not freaking out about everything all the time”, which is also something that needs some serious adjustment haha. I’m hoping I can become more mindful of how I’m feeling so that I can control my feelings when I start to get all panicky about stupid things. (not even sure if that makes sense).

I’d also love to spruce up this blog a bit, and update more of course. I’ll try my best to but I’m not making any promises! :p

Anyhow…what are your goals for 2012? Do you usually make and follow your resolutions?

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