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Stylemint – Melrose Tee

I purchased this tee during a sale Stylemint was having through their Facebook page. Not only was it $19.99 (a steal for Stylemint!) but it was a tee I had been wanting for the longest time…the Melrose! I think it was part of their very first collection (I’m not 100% sure) and they finally restocked my size in the color I had been wanting. The color of this is called “ballet pink” and its a soft peachy pink…so pretty! And the little buttons on the sleeves are my favorite! As you can see, its more peachy than it appears in the photo. Sorry about the dirty mirror, by the way. 😕

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to get as my January tee. I’m not too fond of the collection for January. They seem to be expanding from tees to other stuff like dresses and leggings and mini skirts and sweaters. I kind of wish they would just stick to just tees since the tee options aren’t that great anymore. There are a couple from past collections (the Broadway and the Filmore to be exact) that I have been wanting, so we’ll see which of those I chose! I think I may go with the Filmore, since its pretty popular and has sold out quickly in the past.

About the program: Stylemint is a monthly subscription that costs $29.99 (with free shipping). You get to chose 1 tee each month designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Click here to sign up 🙂


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