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possible re-design?

SEPTA is a pain in the arse and I cannot wait until I am able to get a pass for the subway. I go to the security/counter/whatever lady this morning to obtain some tokens. I meant to get some at Walnut yesterday but the machine was broken and the line for the booth peeps was a thousand miles long because of the Phillies game. And no, I will not walk a thousand miles to get tokens. So I go up to the lady person and ask for 4 tokens. She just looks at me and says something inaudible. So I ask again and give her a 20. She shakes her head and says “You got get change”. *sigh* So I run up to the street knowing well that I will miss my train but whatever. I get four 5s, and proceed to ask the lady for the tokens again. I keep thinking shes saying “12” as in 12 dollars, so I give her 3 of the 5’s. She gives me this look like I’ve just handed her a million dollars and puts up 2 fingers. So I’m like oh, 2 dollars…well I only have 1 dollar and apparently she doesn’t have change for a 5. Who the hell doesn’t have change for a 5. So she just says its okay and lets me though the gate, and I ask for my tokens and she just shakes her head no. I guess they don’t sell tokens. Unfortunately I had to go through that hot mess (literally- it was like 95 degrees out) to figure out that fact.

I got to campus all sweaty and gross (and late I might add) to discover the line for the Bagel Hut to be stretching to the street, so I just ordered an egg and cheese (mmm unhealthy) at a different place. I forgot my boss wasn’t in this week. I should have just come in at 11 and spent my time sleeping.

So this lady calls saying that so-and-so and whatshisface have never received their checks in the mail. I tell her I have them right here, though apparently she got an email from my boss saying they would be mailed. I get annoyed when I’m dealing with stuff that she should have done and taken care of. There are still people’s checks here and I’m probably going to get a few more phone calls from people wanting their money. Yay.

I was looking at the sites of some of the people who won BTMM awards for “Best Website” today. At first glance, not too bad. Possibly worthy of an award if none other were better. But then I scroll to the bottom, and discover that in both cases, someone else had created the layout. How are you going to give someone an award for a website they didn’t create? Unless, of course, you were strictly grading on content over design. But still, a website is comprised of both content and design and should be graded as such. I would rather those awards have gone to some crappy amateur n00b-like website that was actually created by the person winning.

At any rate, it made me want to redesign this blog even though I did a couple weeks ago. I’m tried of it and never really 100% liked it. Meh. And I need a regular, centered website like all the cool kids have. But everytime I try to create such a layout, I fail miserably. Asia– perhaps, if you have time, could you help me with this? =)

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  1. Hey, don’t beat yourself up over layouts and things. It’s a terrible habit to get into. I kinda like this new layout myself. It reminds me of space oriented things for some reason. What exactly are you looking for help with? Feel free to send me an email with the details and I will try to work it out with you.

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