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Review: Coastal Scents Bionic Wide Buffer Brush

This review is on the Bionic Wide Buffer Brush from Coastal Scents. If you’ve never heard of Coastal Scents, you should check them out! They’re a web-based store that has really great beauty products for super cheap (this is due to them purchasing directly from manufacturers in bulk, having no marketing costs, etc). Their website could really use some sprucing up on the design front, but don’t get turned off by that because their products are great quality!

I use mineral makeup, so obviously I needed to get a brush to put it on with (and no, I am not paying $30 or whatever it is for a Bare Escentuals brush!). The first one I purchased was the pink kabuki brush. I actually purchased this a couple times (only $5!). The first brush lasted for awhile, but then I realized I was washing it wrong; I was drying it right side up instead of upside down and all the water was going into the base of the brush which means bristle shedding! So I purchased another one and it lasted me for much longer when I took care of it better. Its actually still fine, but after having it for a year or so its starting to show some wear and tear, so I decided to look out for a new one. I really wanted a two-toned colored brush…why, I’m not sure, but I did. I set my eyes on this brush (the bionic wide buffer), which they describe as “the most dense brush” I will own. Truer words have never been spoken. This is not only the softest makeup brush I’ve ever felt, but one of the softest objects I’ve probably ever felt…period. Its really ridiculous how soft this is. Have I mentioned that this is really, really soft?

As far as makeup application goes, I have basically no complaints. I haven’t really noticed a huge difference with applying my mineral power with this brush as opposed to my kabuki. Both brushes give a really nice finish…although I do wish this had just the tiniest bit of a taper in the bristles instead of a solid flat top. It would probably make it a little easier to get into creases and such. Thats really the only negative thing I can say though. It says in the product description that this brush will take a very long time to dry after washing, so I don’t really consider that a negative since they give fair warning about it. I will use my pink kabuki for the days when this brush is drying. The price on this is $14.95, but I was able to get it for 33% off during Coastal Scent’s Cyber Monday sale. If you want to get this brush or anything else from there, theres actually a 20% off store-wide sale going on now (until Monday I think?). Go get stuff!