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Review: Lush Saving Face Serum Bar

This is my review on Lush’s Saving Face Serum Bar. This is a fairly new product, and being a Lush skincare junkie, I knew this is something I would have to try! They have two different serum bars, one for dry/sensitive skin (Full of Grace) and this one for oily skin. I honestly didn’t know which one to purchase since my forehead is pretty much an oil slick but my chin and nose area feel like a flaky desert devoid of all moisture. Since I have been having a bunch of acne issues lately, I went with the one for oily skin. The directions say to use this serum after cleansing. It can either be used as a moisturizer (which is what I tend to do) or a moisturizer can be applied over it as well.

Basically, these bars are supposed to be very much like their massage bars in that you warm in up in your hands and it melts so you can apply it. However, this is definitely not the case from what I’ve found. No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to warm it up enough so that it transfers enough product on my hands so that I can apply it to my face. I end up trying to apply the bar directly to my face, which tugs at my skin because it is not melted enough. After a little while, I do eventually get a decent amount of product on my face by rubbing the bar…but I have zero patience to stand there are try to melt a bar for 5+ minutes when I’m in a hurry to sleep! haha. The massage bars practically melt in your hand a few seconds after you start holding them…I wish this product were the same! I may try to keep it out in the open when I’m showering, so that the steam will heat it up a bit.

As for the results, I haven’t noticed anything miraculous as of yet. I still have annoying acne issues on my forehead that tend to pop up and disappear randomly. I have been applying most of this serum under my eyes, however, and I have noticed that they seem to be more smooth with less lines especially when I use my concealer in the morning.

Overall, not as great as I expected it to be…especially for $14. However, I anticipate is lasting a long time (probably because I can’t get a lot of the product out to begin with!) so it isn’t that bad a value for the money. It is also very small and, after a few uses, was able to fit inside my shampoo bar tin perfectly. If it were more melty and easier to apply I would definitely have given this product a higher rating. It got rave reviews online (which is why I purchased it) so I will keep on using it and hope for some better results. I find it odd that a lot of people who reviewed it actually complained of it melting! I seem to have the opposite problem…perhaps I got a faulty bar.