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well, this morning was fun…

Woke up late, my flat iron wouldn’t turn off (the switch broke it looks like), the hem of my favorite pants came undone so I had to change, then the shirt I wanted to wear was still wet from the night before (which I didn’t realise before putting it on) so had to change that as well. Ended up speed walking to the bus stop and just made the bus. I suppose if I had missed it, that would have made the morning worse…so I guess thats one bright side haha

Only have a four day week this week, as I’m driving to Charlotte on Friday to pick up Shawn (I say that like it isn’t a 10 hour drive lol). Hopefully everything works out with transporting his mattress (or at least selling it…or something). Can’t believe we’ll be back together in less than a week! Definitely going to make an effort to check out apartments right when he gets back. Gonna try to set up some tours this week for next week. Hmm.

I’ve been looking for alternatives to cable when we move into an apartment again. I really don’t feel like paying for it haha. I’ve been seriously considering the Roku box. You can watch Hulu and Netflix on it as well as rent Amazon videos. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

new beauty blog post
This review is on the Bionic Wide Buffer Brush from Coastal Scents. If you’ve never heard of Coastal Scents, you should check them out! They’re a web-based store that has really great beauty products for super cheap (this is due to them purchasing directly from manufacturers in bulk, having no marketing costs, etc). read the rest