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the holiday season has arrived!

I can’t believe its already December. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty relaxing. I spent a lot of time watching Netflix movies haha. I watched 3 in a row on Saturday night; “Amelie”, “Me and You and Everyone We Know”, and “King of California”. They were all pretty good but I loooved “Amelie”. I’ve always wanted to see that movie but didn’t get around to it until now. Its probably one of the most adorable movies I’ve ever seen. What I actually loved most in the movie (apart from the stories) were the cute little French apartments and decor. I love cozy little apartments haha

I don’t usually do the Black Friday thing, but I did get a few things for Cyber Monday. They were having 50% off + free shipping at The Limited so I got a sweater. I also got a bunch of hair products from CIBU, a makeup brush from Coastal Scents, and Shawn’s gift for Christmas.

I’m going to be touring an apartment in Manayunk this weekend. I wanted to tour a few apartments in that area the same day, but the one place isn’t getting back to me at all and the other place is booked on appointments that day…guess I’ll have to some other time haha.

I’ve started reading the “Let the Right One In” (also called “Let Me In”) by John Ajvide Lindqvist. I’ve seen the movie (the original one) and it was pretty good, but I heard the book gave much more background and detail about the story. I can tell its going to take me a long time to get through though. Its basically a 180 from the light-hearted easy read I finished previously. haha

Getting my hair cut this Friday! Its in dire need of a trim…least it’ll look nice for Christmas 🙂

new beauty blog post
This is my review on Lush’s Saving Face Serum Bar. This is a fairly new product, and being a Lush skincare junkie, I knew this is something I would have to try! They have two different serum bars, one for dry/sensitive skin (Full of Grace) and this one for oily skin. I honestly didn’t know which one to purchase since… (read the rest)