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Sigma Sigmax F84 Angled Kabuki

Like I mentioned in my previous Sigma brush review, I recently picked up two Sigma Makeup brushes from their Sigmax line, the F82 and F84. I found they were doing a special deal where you could get both brushes for $24 with black matte handles, which look super sleek! They’re still running the deal, so if you want both brushes, be sure to pick them up before it ends! I’m going to be reviewing the F84 brush (second from right in picture). If you’d like to read my review on the F82, just click here.

F84 Sigmax Angled Kabuki
Just like the F82, this brush is ridiculously soft! Its extremely dense, so it will take a long time to dry when you wash it. I had to get used to the density of this brush since my other blush brush was a little more fluffy, so applying blush was a different process because I could get a lot of product on the brush and not have all of it apply to my cheeks. With this brush, I only need to literally tap it into the blush, and plenty of product applies to my cheeks! When I first used the F84, I had a bit of a shock when I swirled the brush in my blush (like I was used to) and applied it. I looked like a clown! haha. Definitely take it easy on this brush when applying product, as it picks up a lot with just a tap. This would also be a great brush to use for contouring as well!

Overall, I’m totally loving this soft Sigmax brush as well as the round-top kabuki that I got with it. I will definitely be purchasing more from this Sigma line! I’ve found that I much prefer synthetic brushes for some reason…I just find that they’re so much more soft. 🙂