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The Holidays are Here

So I’m watching Top Model…and they’re “blogging”, which reminded me that I haven’t updated here in a while (as usual :p ). Time goes by so fast, its ridiculous!

Thanksgiving was last week, so I was at home from Wednesday night until Saturday. Thanksgiving itself was nice, but lets just say I’m glad I don’t actually live at home anymore. I was losing my mind. On (Black) Friday, I went to the Verizon store to pick up a new phone. I ended up getting the iPhone 4. I didn’t get the 4S because it was too pricey, but I’m totally loving the one I got! I think I paid a little more than I should have though…the salesperson sold me a package with it that included a case, extra charger, screen protectors etc. I would have bought all that anyway (well, minus the extra charger) but I feel like I could have gotten a case cheaper elsewhere. Oh well…Christmas gift to self?

Speaking of Christmas gifts to self…I picked up a few things at Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales (online, of course). I ended placing 2 different orders at Express, which I get like 90% of my work wardrobe from. I got a pair of slacks (I LOVE their slacks…I already have 2 other pairs in other colors!), a tank top, and a bracelet. I got a pair of jeans from New York & Company…mostly because the other pair I have from them fits me really well. I also got a couple bras from Aerie and a Stylemint tee.

This week (basically since I opened my eyes on Monday) has felt so hectic. Tuesday was particularly terrible for a myriad of reasons, including the fact that my 30-minute commute to work ended up being an hour and 45 minutes. My rent check has also yet to be cashed. I know the 1st is only just tomorrow, but I’m paranoid about it getting lost in the mail ever since it happened the one time. I totally do not want to deal with calling people to deal with that…or paying the fee for cancelling the check. bah!

Still feeling kind of moody and blah…but not as bored I guess. Might go to King of Prussia mall this week (like my bank account really needs that, right? haha) to take care of any Christmas shopping so its out of the way early. I put up our little Christmas tree this weekend which looks really pretty 🙂

Gotta go make my lunch for tomorrow…its already 10pm? eek!

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