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L’Oreal EverPure Color Care System

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[amazon_link id=”B001P24STQ” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]L'Oreal Paris EverPure Smooth Shampoo, 8.5-Fluid Ounce[/amazon_link] L’Oreal EverPure Color Care System

I’ve been using L’Oreal EverPure shampoo and conditioner (in the “Rosemary and Mint” scent) for a couple months now, so I thought I’d talk about my thoughts on it! I originally purchased this shampoo and conditioner after using henna dye in my hair (click here to read about my experience with that) because I wanted the color to last for as long as possible in my hair, and sulfate-free shampoo is supposed to be more gentle so that the color does not fade as fast. I wish I could say that it did that, but I’m not 100% sure. It probably did last a little bit longer than it would have using regular shampoo and conditioner. Henna dye already doesn’t last very long, so I will have to try using regular dye on my hair at some point to see if it has an effect on my color.

I actually love this shampoo and conditioner for a completely unrelated (and unexpected) reason! I have noticed that since I’ve started using it, my scalp has become drastically less flaky/dry and feels much more healthy. This was not a goal at all when I started using it (like I said, it was mainly so my color would last), but I started noticing that I didn’t have to reach for the Head and Shoulders shampoo as much and that my scalp wasn’t itchy and flaking after not washing my hair for a couple days. How amazing is that? I don’t know what is in (or what is not in) these products that affected my scalp in such a positive way, but I will definitely continue using L’Oreal EverPure regardless of if my hair is colored.

I should also point out that the shampoo gives a very rich lather. Usually sulfate-free shampoos are known for not providing much lather, so I would say this shampoo is an exception! The lather also feels different. It is very soft and not as bubble-y. The conditioner is, in my opinion, average. It does what it is supposed to do, and isn’t anything super special (I usually alternate it with a conditioning mask). The smell of the Rosemary Mint is really nice…very invigorating and fresh! Overall, I love the EverPure shampoo and conditioner and will definitely repurchase!


3 thoughts on “L’Oreal EverPure Color Care System”

  1. This sounds lovely. I have been focusing on Sulphate free and have been using the body shops radiance collection which has cleared my scalp a treat I then ran out and had to get some from the local supermarket and managed to pick up a sulphate free one which again was lush on my hair so I am adamant it was years of using shampoos with sulphate that caused it. Knowing this one is out there I will have to try as I too colour my hair and anything that prevents fading is a bonus 🙂 I haven’t noticed the lack of lather in these types yet but I too had read that! Thanks for the post.


    1. @Becky looks like sulphate-free is the way to go for scalp health! Its definitely interesting to know that I wasn’t the only one with that experience =p Totally sticking to those types of shampoos from now on =)

  2. L’OREAL is an amazing product. It has been known to deal with great results. A good anti-aging and a good one to maintain the youthfulness of a person via various skin/scalp and hair care.

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