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Its cold and rainy outside and my Ugg boots got wet and work is boring and I’m grumpy. *pout*

But other than that everythings great and the semester is over! wooooo!

Going Christmas shopping tomorrow with Shawn…then he’s coming back to my house for a few days! I’m excited!

I have ideas for a new layout…very simple ideas…but I want to make this site have a simpler look to it. Only problem is I might not get a chance to make and code a layout till like the week of Christmas. lol. Hope you guys can hold out till then =P

3 thoughts on “smoochies”

  1. Melanie dear! I hope those Ugz boots are warm, because, no offense, but they could not be more aptly named. This weather totally blows though; on that I can agree with you. I’m sure I can hold out for a new layout. I’d much rather have you post!

  2. Oh noes, your UGG’s got wet. That really sucks. I want a pair of UGG’s but I live in Florida and it seems kind of silly but I still really want them lol.

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