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when it all comes down


Things have been pretty good I spose. Overall, I’ve been doing well in school…though a couple of classes are getting on my nerves. lol. Right now its my mass Media and Children class…which I usually love, but I got an 86 on the midterm when I thought I got at least in the 90s since I basically knew most of the questions…but she takes off for really dumb things even if I knew what I was talking about *sigh*. And now we have this group project so I wrote up the proposal for it and all…and apparently our topic isn’t what she wanted or something so now we have to change everything…and we had to have 20 sources too which need to be changed. So frustrating.

I have TWO presentations on the same day- Nov 27. >.< Grr. Not good. haha. Though I don't think I'm that bad at presentations...I just get really nervous. lol. I finally got to hang out with friends on Saturday at home! Wooo <3 I think I might go into work earlier today. hmmm.

4 thoughts on “when it all comes down”

  1. I’m glad everythongs going good for you.

    lol well I hope those too classes become better,ehh I’ve had the smae problems when you like a class but things start getting difficult because you think your doing good but your getting low marks.
    don’t worry I’m sure it’ll get better 🙂

    yay for being able to hangout.
    boo for having to presentations in one day ehh goodness O.O

    hope you do well 😀

  2. Wow, school sounds so frustrating, hope it’s gets better. 86 is a pretty good mark in my point of view for university, of course, I’m not in university yet, so I wouldn’t know. Anyway, good luck!

  3. Hey. I got a Domain. So, i was thinking if you delete my sub, we can still likee comment each others blogs or urm be affies or something 😛
    Anyways, thanks. I had a faab folio going but yeah, Lol.
    See yoou x

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