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Some New Obsessions

Today was a fairly busy week…I’ve barely had time (or energy) to update my beauty blog, let alone this one! I did work on this blog a lot, though, today and yesterday. I’ve finally figured out WordPress widgets a bit. I had never used them before (my theme’s sidebars were never widget enabled) but I finally was able to get my sidebar widget enabled by adding some code to the functions file. Even after I did that, there were all kinds of crazy formatting issues which took awhile to fix. I did away with the logo titles that I had on the sidebar. It was too much work to get them into the widgets, and I think I like the text titles better anyway. It looks more uniform and organized with everything else. There are still widgets that refuse to work for me for some reason (I’ve tried 5 different Foursquare plugins, none which work for me), but most of the ones I wanted to work do luckily.

I’ve also spent my week watching the entire first season (and more) of Downton Abbey. I kept hearing about it, so I finally decided to watch it on Netflix to see if I liked it. I am obsessed! I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of Season 2 as well, so I’m almost caught up since I think the 5th episode airs this week. Anyone else watch it? I’ve also spent this morning downloading some songs from the Lana Del Rey album. A lot of people don’t like her, but I do like her music (and don’t think her voice is that bad). I’m a sucker for big drum beats in songs, so I like a lot of her’s. I’ve had “This is What Makes Us Girls” on repeat!

Another thing I’ve become obsessed with this week…Pinterest! Its similar to tumblr for me, but more focused on pictures and without the blog format. If you’re on Pinterest too, please follow me!

The bf and I are going to a Super Bowl Party tomorrow evening…should be fun!

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  1. I just watched season 1 of Downton Abbey and I love it! I thought there was only the one season since that’s all Netflix has online so I’m excited to here there’s more. Time to track down season 2!

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