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I need to stop abandoning this blog!

I’ve been pretty busy, though. Yesterday I finally got around to launching my blog design services website! (click the button to visit).


Its called Adorability Designs, mostly because I didn’t want to purchase yet another domain name (I’m up to 3 right now) and what the hey…its not a bad name I guess? I’m so excited about it though! If you’re in need of any kind of blog design work (or know someone who would be) please let me know. 🙂 I’ve been working on learning Blogger more and more and I think I finally got the basic knack of it, or at least how to make it look close to what I can do in WordPress. I also have some Freebies up there (social media icons) if anyone is interested!

In other news, I’ve gotten back on the workout and guitar practice train (not at the same time, obviously), which I was really slacking with lately. I thought I would forget everything I learned on guitar since I hadn’t picked it up since Memorial Day, but I was actually a little better than I was before. As for working out, I’m trying to actually keep to a schedule now and incorporate some longer workouts. I did an hour long one last night (which I never thought I could handle) and it wasn’t too bad!

I haven’t posted a picture of my basil plants in awhile. They’re doing fairly well (I still think they’re growing way slow though). I’ve found they need more water lately, I guess because its so hot in the apartment. I’ve been pinching the top set of leaves off which is supposed to help it grow more…I think that’s working, but I’m still wondering when I’ll actually have large basil leaves that I can use.

I think that’s all thats going on. I’ve been having so much trouble sleeping lately. I’ll just toss and turn for hours feeling wide awake. Not sure whats up with that but I’m really not a fan 🙁

I wanted to post a rant yesterday about something (not anything personal or even that serious) but its definitely not something I want to be a public entry for reasons that would be obvious upon reading it lol! Maybe I’ll do one of those password protected posts, though I feel like those are so annoying for people to have to get a password from me. Hmm. I guess if I do post something like that, just DM me on Twitter for the password if you want to read it? haha.

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