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jumbled up thoughts

[today’s title lyric: Tilly and the Wall- Alligator Skin]

The title is pretty appropriate to this entry of random blabber.

So I’m home for a couple days. Well I’m going back to the apt tomorrow. I had to come back for a dentist’s appt. 😯 …but I had no cavities woo!

Classes start on Tuesday and my internship on Wednesday. I seriously have to calm my nerves about this upcoming semester and whatever comes after it. I’m like flipping shit when there’s no need to. What rule is there that says it takes exactly 4 years to figure out what you want to do with your life. Maybe it’ll just take more. 😛

As you can see I’ve installed new smilies! (those default WP ones were horrid!) Does anybody know how I can get them to appear somewhere on the “add post” screen so I don’t have to remember what each one is to type it?? There must be a way.

I’ve been spending a lot more time on Twitter lately so if you have a Twitter account please follow me! And if you don’t then get one! lol I finally unlinked it from my facebook statues. I used to have it so that when I updated Twitter is would update my facebook status…but I feel like Twitter is something you update several times a day, and I would be driving my facebook friends crazy if I updated my status that much on there haha.

Another site to check out if you haven’t yet is Urban Spoon. When you go there it should automatically detect where you live (at least it did for me in Philadelphia). It lists all kinds of restaurants and you can sort by all kinds of criteria. Great place to find where to go for dinner!

So what do you guys think of YouTube muting videos that have copyrighted music? Thats basically everything, when you think about it. I think its complete BS and that people are eventually going to abandon YouTube.

O yea..another site question. I already posted in Yahoo!Answers and the WordPress forum but no ones answered me. 🙁 Does anyone know a way I can get the twitter list and the music list on the sidebar to have two different icons in front of them? They’re both responding to the “ul” tag I have in the CSS, but I don’t know if theres a way to make one be one image and the other me a different one. They’re both WP plugins so I don’t wanna screw with the code. hrmm

I MIGHT be getting a new computer for graduation. Keep your fingers crossed!

Its friggin 11 degrees here. WTF? You know what tho? I’ll bet you my apt will still be 90 degrees and I’ll be sleeping with the fan on.

Some songs to check out: “Personal” by Stars, “Lovers in Japan” by Coldplay, and “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid” by The Offspring.

Well this is long so Ima peace out.

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  1. I’m seriously not liking the cold weather!! I hate it -.- but I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for you new computer for ya!


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