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yey. school.

Its crazy how I go from basically doing nothing and sitting on the couch all day watching television to having so much to worry about. Its like over the course of two days my mind is cluttered with all these worries and crap. ugh. wake me up when its spring break.

My classes actually aren’t that bad. I feel a bit out of place in my Law class since there’s like 500 business freshman in it…and me. haha. But the material seems interesting and not that hard to it should be okay. My Geography professor is hilarious and I’m looking forward to his class, although its so crowded and I can barely move. My civil war class is also not too bad despite the fact that we need 5 books for it, 3 of which I ordered on half.com and then days later was told that they couldn’t ship because someone else (most likely from our class as well) had already ordered them. 😡

My internship at MyPHL17 is pretty good so far. Its a far busier pace than WYBE was, a lot more people to meet and remember haha. Everyone is very nice though.

For concert band, we have seating auditions that involve sight reading.

Fact: Life demands Lysol
Fact: I can’t sight read.

And its in about 30 mins. woohoo! Can I retain my mid-to-upper spot on second part that I’ve held for 3 years? We shall see.

Shawn and I are looking for a new apartment for next year, but not too seriously or anything. Only if we can find something at a decent price in a good location (i.e near a subway stop!) will we move. I doubt that we will though. Theres a really great building right down the street closer to the subway and it has all kinds of stuff like a fitness center but its really pricey =(

And lets not even bring up me looking for a job…yea lets not talk about that.

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  1. Oh wow! I’ve never had a class that was as crowded as you say your Geography class is..I don’t think I could pay attention in that class. Good luck with all of them!

  2. Good luck with the apartment search even though you’re not looking too hard yet! 🙂 Take your time and find a place that you really love and is within the price range. Your apartment should be an extension of both you and your boyfriend…sounds nice, eh? LOL. And much like Jessica said, wow, you have that many people in one class. I’d be afraid to slip between the cracks in an environment like that!

  3. My weeks are weird lately school work wise. One week I will have barely anything to do and then the next thing I know I have so much work that I’m falling behind. I’m currently trying to catch up right now. Looks like I’m going to have a long busy boring weekend of doing work.

    I want to find myself a job, but with school I just don’t have the time. I will start looking for one in April. I would love to continue living away from my parents house but I am soon going to run out of money so that won’t be an option for a while. If I’m lucky I will start making enough money to move out again sometime in September or October. Right now I’m trying to get my boyfriend to move out of his parents house but it doesn’t seem to be working. I know he wants to but his urge to save money is stronger than his urge to move.

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