Daily Life

Thunderstorms and Haunted Condos

So last night some noise wakes me up at like 3:30 in the morning. Ever since I got the kitty, I’m always overly-paranoid about noises because I think somethings wrong with him. Then I hear the noise again more clearly and it sounds like some kind of animal fighting. It didn’t sound at all like a cat though (maybe birds outside?), so I didn’t bother checking up on him. Still kept me up for like an hour and a half, though, because I was worried. Then I finally fall asleep and have this crazy overly-detailed dream that our condo is haunted and that Shawn and I wake up in the morning to find pictures that were on the wall have crashed to the floor and, for some reason, all the electrical outlets were like pulled out of the wall. The cat’s food dish was also full of food and I remember dumping it out in the dream when he tried to eat it because it was the ghost/demon/whatever who had put food in there and I didn’t know what was in it. Creepy! Then I wake up and there’s this ridiculous thunderstorm going on outside and I felt like I was in a horror movie haha. Yea, not a lot of sleep happened after that. So now I’m even more worried about Charles because of this ridiculous dream. He always meows between 7 and 8AM (because that’s close to when he eats) but of course he decided not to this morning so I’m just laying in bed like waiting for an appropriate time to get up. I finally leave the bedroom at like 7:40 and of course he’s perfectly fine and I’m like “yayy you’re alive!” haha.

Unfortunately, the ridiculous thunderstorm didn’t let up and I was relatively soaked by the time I got to he subway station which was only a few blocks away. bleh! Looks like its cleared, though, and now its getting sunny.

Hopefully it’ll stay sunny through the weekend because I’m attending a bridal shower in Virginia. I originally thought it was last weekend for some strange reason (it clearly says August 17th on the invite lol). When I found out it was this coming weekend I started panicking because I realized Shawn was going to be away at a conference the same weekend and there would be no one to watch Charles. I called up my parents and they told me they couldn’t because they were going to DC for the weekend and their hotel couldn’t be refunded. Luckily, my friend is going to be watching him (thank you Cara!) so all is well. Also, since the shower I’m going to is only 30 minutes outside of DC, my parents will be able to give me a ride there. So luckily it all worked out. I have no idea what I’m going to wear, though. I feel like I should have some sort of flowery/summery type dress in my wardrobe but for some reason I don’t. I have a lot of black dresses…not exactly happy-occasion material lol. Might have to make do with a bright tee and skirt.

I received my August Birchbox so I’ll post about that sometime this week. Its…meh. Not as good as last month’s.