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Well Hello There…

Welcome to the new MellieAnne.com! This will be my blogging home for all future posts related to beauty & fashion, life, food, and whatever else 🙂

If you’re reading this via Bloglovin, then you are most likely a follower of AdoraBeauty.net. I was trying to get Bloglovin’ to transfer my AdoraBeauty followers to a new Bloglovin’ account that would only direct to the beauty RSS posts (I provided them with the RSS feed for only beauty posts), but it looks like they just transferred them all to the main Bloglovin’ account I had created for MellieAnne. Soo…you’ll still get beauty posts of course, but you’ll probably get life posts and recipe posts also.

So why did I move everything onto one site, and choose to get rid of AdoraBeauty and Adorability? Well, my blog design service is currently called Adorability Designs. Even though its a spin-off of the name of my main blog, I feel like it better fits the design site. Its unique, and I prefer it to be associated with the design site rather than my personal blog. As for my personal blog, I’ve been wanting to change the name for a while to something more…well…personal! “Mellie Anne” is almost as personal as it gets since its my name (well…no one calls me “Mellie”, but it has a better ring to it than “Mel Anne”). I was happy to learn the domain name was available so I snatched it up. I also like that its a “.com”. As for AdoraBeauty, my posts there had been rather slow and sporadic. Between MellieAnne.com, Adorability.org, AdoraBeauty.net, and MelanieGebhardt.com (my portfolio), I knew that I wanted to consolidate a bit. Since AdoraBeauty was set to expire fairly soon (this October), I felt like that was the best move to make. Now I don’t feel like I have to update two different blogs. When I have beauty things to review, they’ll be up here, but if I don’t feel like posting anything beauty-related I won’t be wasting space or a domain name on a different blog! Same goes if I’d rather post beauty stuff than life stuff.

I’ve also set up this blog with a new hosting company. I was getting pretty fed up last week because all the sites on my current hosting provider’s server kept crashing and not loading. They do have very good and responsive customer service, but I feel like the response provided didn’t really address why my sites kept going down even after the problem was supposedly resolved. I’ve decided to move to A Small Orange and am testing out their hosting on a month-to-month basis to see how I like it. So far so good!

Adorability.org is still up and running and will be until sometime in 2014 (I will be crossposting future posts there), but once I establish that everyone is coming here (either by updating their RSS feeds or through Bloglovin, which should be transferred soon). I already directed the Feedburner address for Adorability to point here, but I’m not quite sure how many people follow me through Feedburner or Bloglovin as opposed to the regular RSS feed.

I kind of wanted to post about other unrelated to website stuff, but this is getting too long…maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Also stayed tuned for at least one product review sometime this week!

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  1. That sounds like a good idea, I also thought it was annoying to run two blogs, I’ve sort of wandered between the two of them thinking whether I should blog on mrsmandolin or diddleydiddley. I used the later and blogged about music but recently I got some nice news that sort of turned my life around (a new job!) which gave me some new inspiration to blog because now my life is finally INTERESTING and exciting.
    And, I definitely know the frustration about sites being down and troublesome hosting company. I recently changed mine too.

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