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ucky face and fire alarms

I used to never really get acne, then all of a sudden (since around 4-6 months ago)…bam! Its driving me nuts because I didn’t really change anything in my skincare routine or change any medicines I was taking or change anything really. I’ll just get these huge patches of acne on my forehead (where basically my entire forehead is covered) but nowhere else really. Then they’ll eventually go away for a few days and it’ll be perfectly clear…but then after that few days passes they come back again. Very annoying. X( I’m sitting here with my Lush mask on….hoping that will help at least a little bit. I’ll try some other things and if its still crazy like this in a couple months I’ll think about seeing a dermatologist.

In other news, the fire alarm in my building went off for like an hour or so (maybe less…I can’t remember) tonight. I didn’t leave cause they’re always false alarms. I’ll probably end up dying in a fire one day because of it haha. But I looked out my window and saw a fire trunk leaving…so I figured if its leaving it can’t be too bad. 😛 I really hate alarms though…of any sort. SO much. Its definitely a big pet peeve of mine. I’m pretty sure my alarm clock goes for maybe two beeps at the most before I shut it up haha

Not much else going on. I really really need to get my hair cut at some point this week. Its getting ridiculously long…which I don’t really mind, but its moreso my bangs that bother me. I don’t like them to be long and they just look awful now. All my layers have grown out too so my hair is looking kinda flat.

EDIT: I fixed the smilies issue! Just had to add something to the footer…took like 2 seconds haha.

EDIT2: I now have marshmallow emoticons! rejoice! :love:

5 thoughts on “ucky face and fire alarms”

  1. I never get why people get so embarrassed over acne. It’s not a big deal- 20 years from now you wont even remember 🙂
    Be careful with that fire alarm habit of yours we wouldn’t want anything horrible to happen to you ! 🙂

  2. liz – haha yea I never used to care really cause it was only a couple pimples here and there….but now its literally like my wholeee forehead (icky!) lol

  3. Have you considered that maybe it’s your bangs that are causing your acne? Sometimes your hair oils will irritate the sensitive skin on your face. It’s probably time to cut them!

  4. Asia- yea I’ve pinned them back every so often but there doesn’t seem to be a big difference. Right now, they’re so (annoyingly) long that they’re pushed way over to the side and not really covering my forehead anymore 😛

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your skin issue. Maybe your hair has been touching your face more? Or maybe your hormones are changing? Are you under more stress than usual. I usually break out right before my period starts.

    I need my hair cut too. I have noticed that it seems to be heavier lately. I’ve been getting headaches when I wear it up.

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