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brand new theme! (and other updates)

I’ve been sick with a cold all weekend, so I decided to use all the time I had trapped indoors to make a new theme for this blog! And I have to say that I’m LOVING the final result! :love: Everything looks the way I want it to…clean, organized, and pink (of course). 🙂 I also figured out how to do a bunch of stuff that I had been giving up on with previous themes (like spacing and borders for the flickr list, and dividers for lists etc). Once again though, pretty please do not view this in IE. It looks somewhat decent but no where near what its supposed to look like in Chrome and Firefox. haha. One thing I’m still trying to figure out is how to lessen the space between the twitter header and the tweets (on left) hmm Fixed!. I also need to figure out how to incorporate the beauty blog. I got rid of the link in the navigation to conserve space, but need to think of where I’m going to link to it. lol.

I really wanted to do a vlog this weekend but I’m sick so I’m not exactly looking my best…I’ll try to do one next weekend. I’m updating the blogs on my link page, so if you visit my site and comment every so often and I don’t have your blog linked on my links page please let me know! (and I’ll add it asap!)

Nothing really new going on to update about. Work is going well. Theres been a ton of tours through my apartment because its now up on the market again. I don’t think they’ve found anyone to rent yet though. I’m also having this issue with my bathroom cabinet. The door completely fell off (screws were loose and did not go back in because the holes are too big)…so I tried using larger screws to hold the door up, which worked but its still messed up. I’ll probably have to call maintenance at some point, but I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble for putting the larger screws in there (thus making a larger hole and messing it up) haha. But I don’t want to be charged for it when I leave either.

I plan on getting a new phone whenever my current phone is due for an upgrade (hopefully within the next couple months). The one I’m set on getting is the Microsoft Kin, which comes out in May. It looks adorable and is made for social media…and since I can’t really afford a smartphone, its a good option for me.

I’ve been working on a huge bunch of new songs that I really really like. I’m planning to put all of them (a collection of around 10) up on the music page once I get them all recorded. Probably won’t be for awhile, but look out for that.

Hostees – I will be changing hosts probably in May sometime. I’ll email you to let you know when so you can back up your sites and stuff and move everything over (if you want to haha)

Sry I haven’t been visiting a lot of your blogs…been busy! Will try and visit a bunch today 😉

4 thoughts on “brand new theme! (and other updates)”

  1. O: I love this theme, it’s awesome! And the emoticons are too cute. 🙂
    Wow, the Kin is a nice phone. I never heard of it until now.
    Anyways, I’m interested in hearing your new music and reading more updates from you! 😀

  2. I hope you find someone who wants your apartment. The new layout does look super cute ! The white smileys are a bit hard to see with the white background though.

    I think I will move over with you however I’ll start completely over and switch to wordpress. I really want to try something new out and once school is over for the summer I’ll have more time.

    I recently had to clear my computer (laptop actually which I bought with my own money..yes I’m bragging…but a 15 yr old only has so much money 😛 and my sleek machine deserves a compliment. hehe_because their was a problem.
    As result of this my ftp info which was saved has been cleared out. Could you possibly re email this to me ? Or will this change when the site switches ? How many other hostess are switching over ?

  3. Ahh yes the smiles don’t work (when you click them at least…they work if you type in a smiliey face or something haha). WIll try to get it fixed!

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