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walking in a winter wonderland

So its snowing here and thats pretty cool! It hasn’t snowed like this all year from what I can remember. I wanted to take pictures but my camera is at Shawn’s.

I’m contemplating skipping by two classes today. Well definitely the last one but I haven’t made up my mind yet about the 12:40. I’ll probably end up going haha. I wish they were canceled *pout*. When I got to my 8:40 this morning everyone was sitting outside the room and I was like ugggh class is canceled and I walked all the way over here! But it wasn’t…the door was just locked. lol.

Hopefully Shawn and I are going to dinner tonight for belated Valentine’s thing. Don’t know yet if he’ll want to cause of the snow though…but I’m guessing it should be mostly cleared up by tonight. Bleh my rainboots are too small for me and they’re not exactly comfy for long periods on time. My Uggs are fine in the snow until I get to the slush…I hate slush.

I’m really tired. I kind of want to nap but I kind of don’t. haha. I’m glad its Friday. Even if I do have to go to a basketball game tomorrow >.< I hate Saturday basketball games cause I feel like they take up my whole weekend...even though they're only like 2 hours. haha. Yesterday was a really sucky day. I probably bombed a quiz that I actually studied for...cause my professor isn't clear about whats on it and what isn't. And then I felt like I was singled out in wind ensemble and I felt really stupid. So basically I just felt really stupid yesterday for a bunch of reasons. *sigh* I'm really not stupid...I swear! =P Apparently I've been getting paid 2 dollars more than what I thought I was...since like June. nice.

4 thoughts on “walking in a winter wonderland”

  1. heya !

    Wow sounds like a mixed weekend ! But the moneys great. I am babysitting 2night and told the mom i would do it for free-bad idea lol. i should have asked for 3 dollers an hour.


  2. hey !! i am making i-pod graphics. If you have a fav band tell me and i will make you one..See blog for more details

  3. the rest of my comment got cut off…
    so that was half of my complaining face…
    I hate slush too.
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve finally finished moving in. Thanks again 🙂

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