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you are my masquerade

Hi all! Hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day <3

New song up called “Can’t Let Go” on the music page…check it and give feedback please =) Its been awhile since I’ve recorded anything (which is apparent in my voice. uck.) I have another new song called “Scribble” which is kinda cute but still in progress. =P

I have this stupid test tomorrow and I really don’t feel like studying. Tests on Mondays are the absolute worrrst.

We’re gonna be having another new (and last) hostee, Stacie! I’m excited to finally host her =) Check out her music cause its really amazing.

Thats all for now…toodles.

3 thoughts on “you are my masquerade”

  1. Valentine’s Day for me is a normal day. I really don’t understand why it’s a Valentine’s day.. Well.. I’ll check out your song 🙂
    Yeah, stupid tests >_

  2. Hey, long time, no see! Or type, rather. =P

    Oh, a new song? I’ll go give that listen. Congratz on your new hostee, and good luck on your test! Yeah, it does kind of seem like Feb. 14th revolves around love, love, and more love! How depressing! ),: 😛

    Happy late V-Day!

  3. Hey hun! I think it’s amazing that you love music so much! I do, too! I wish I could be a singer! I’ve considered trying out on American Idol! =)
    I hope everything has been going well!

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