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Holiday Happenings

Pretty sad that the holidays are ending, but it’ll be nice to get back to a regular routine again.

Big news first – Shawn and I found an apartment! Its in Philly close to the Manayunk area, so not right in the city but close enough. I haven’t actually been to the apartment yet, but I’m sure I’ll like it. Hopefully we get the lease signed this week. If all goes well we’ll be moving in the 15th. 🙂

Christmas was nice this year. I stayed at Shawn’s family’s house for Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day, which was definitely much more eventful then my Christmases usually are, then we went to my house for dinner. I got a lot of lovely gifts this year: a bunch of stuff from Shawn’s mom (including a pretty pink scarf that I especially love), this awesome faux-leather jacket from Express as well as a Philosophy shower gel in Coconut (both from Shawn), a $100 gift card from the parents, and a couple books (both by Jennifer McMahon, whom I’ve never read anything by but they sound pretty good). I also got this Limited Edition pink Solia flat iron as a sort-of Christmas present to myself since my Chi broke and I had to replace it pronto. In addition, my Discover Card points finally accumulated enough to get me a $50 Express giftcard, so I guess that was a Christmas present from my credit card company? 😕 haha. The day after Christmas it snowed a lot (blizzard I guess?) so we just kind of bummed around. I was disappointed though because we had scheduled a tour for the apartment (the one we ended up picking) for the 27th, but had to reschedule it for the following day because of the weather, which is why only Shawn got to see it because I had work.

The week was pretty slow moving. I had off Friday so I only went in Tuesday-Thursday. There weren’t too many people around in the city like there usually is. For New Year’s Eve, Shawn and I went to Chima Brazilian Steakhouse in the city which was good. We ended up actually ringing in the New Year on the train back though haha.

Yesterday we saw the movie “True Grit”, which was a lot more amusing than I expected. I’d highly suggest seeing it – here’s the trailer. The sound in the theater was actually out for the first couple minutes, so they gave us free tickets to a future movie after it was finished, which was a nice surprise. They expire in a month though, so I’ll have to think of something to see soon!

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  1. I was a little nervous when you said that you haven’t seen the apartment you were going to move into. They always look different than what they are advertised. I’m glad that Shawn was able to go check it out. I can’t believe that you haven’t been able to go see it yet though. I would be so anxious to go see it. When my boyfriend and I got an apartment I wanted to go visit it every day lol. Have fun moving in! Is it the first time you too will live together?

    1. @Deanna, I actually was able to see it this Saturday and I loved it! I wasn’t able to see it earlier because we hadn’t signed the lease yet (and we weren’t able to get the keys until we signed it haha). We’ve lived together before, so this is out second apartment 🙂

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