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What Is Your Passion?

One of my favorite websites, Hello Giggles, just posted a blog this morning called “Passion of the Quarter-Life Crisis“. Being that I’m almost 25, it definitely piqued my interest. The author talks about knowing what your passion is, which is something I absolutely hate to think about considering I don’t know what it is yet. I’ve basically been procrastinating on answering this question whenever it pops into my head (or whenever somebody asks me), so now that this blog post brought it up again, I guess I should start thinking about it.

How do people know these things anyway? I mean, there are hobbies that I enjoy that I’m decently skilled in but still somewhat professionally inexperienced with (i.e web-design…especially coding), and there are other things that I definitely love and would want to do a lot more with but I’m not as great as I could/want to be (i.e music/songwriting). Are those my passions, though? I sure don’t do either of those hobbies frequently enough to be considered passion-level. And I feel as though if I were truly “passionate” about those things then I would actually take steps to improve with them, which I’m not doing in the least. I fool around on the keyboard probably once every couple months, which usually ends after a few minutes because I get frustrated that I suck. Perhaps I’m just that lazy/un-motivated that I actually have passions but don’t know it because I don’t actually work towards doing them? The only time I’ve ever felt passionate about any of my hobbies are when I’m actually forced to do them (like practicing a song for band or working on a project for a class), and I’m told that I’m good at them, but without those incentives I just kind of stop. Throw Real Life and not having as much free time into the mix, and I pretty much don’t do anything except sit on the computer and peruse social networks or sleep (I know…totally living my life to the fullest here).

So my goal is to try and figure out wtf my passion is…and I’d like to start with music, because I tend to think a lot more about that than design, which is interesting since I rarely do anything related to playing/writing music anymore (besides, of course, listening to it). I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, which is sort of a problem considering I don’t actually own a guitar. Maybe I should get one. If shelling out one’s own money for something isn’t motivation enough to learn it than what is? :p

So now I’ll ask you the dreaded question: What is your passion?

2 thoughts on “What Is Your Passion?”

  1. Girl you took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking the same thing last night as I gazed upon my dusty guitar case and my hardly-opened PHP book…

    Ps: haven’t said HI for a long time but I’ve been reading along. Love, your name twin!

  2. I really love writing. But I would rather work with writers than be a writer myself in the publishing world. I see this as my passion, I volunteer for a Literary Journal on my campus and I just fell in love with it. This is what I’m going to school for and I can’t really afford to change my mind at this point. So I hope this goal works out. :/
    I hope you are able to find something you are passionate about soon. I think, by starting with the things you enjoy doing it will help you figure it out.

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