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Wins and Fails

So some updates on last week’s issues:

Forehead: Healing, pretty much gone (the pain, not my forehead). Woo!
Computer: Spoke with Sony’s customer service who told me to do a power cycle (take out the battery and put it back in again basically). Miraculously, that worked and both my mouse and keyboard are functioning properly again. Woo!
Painful gums: Huge thanks to Asia for suggesting the Crest Gum Protection toothpaste in the comments. After using it over the weekend, my gums are much better and pretty much healed back to normal as of today. Woo!

It was supposed to snow on Saturday, so I made sure I was fully stocked on junk food and planned to do nothing all day. Well, it barely snowed at all so I ended up running some errands in the afternoon. I went to Kohl’s to pick up some socks because my socks seem to just vanish. Seriously…where do missing socks go?? I made sure to get them all the same color (plain black), so I don’t have to bother matching up different designs which is such a pain when its like 7 in the morning and I’m sifting through a huge pile of clothes on the floor (that has yet to be put away) trying to find a specific brown and pink striped sock. After Kohl’s, I went to Rite Aid to pick up eyeliner. Got back and realized I got lip liner instead. Bah! I assumed it was eye liner because it was dark brown. Who wears dark brown lip-liner? After Rite Aid I went to the Dollar Tree to pick up some stuff for a gift basket I’m making for Shawn for Valentine’s Day. I won’t mentioned whats in it, in case he actually reads this. If he does actually read this, he’ll probably think I’m a cheap ass for going to the Dollar Tree. Keeping it classy!

When I got back, our internet randomly stopped working (thanks, Comcast!). After talking to customer service, there was apparently some sort of work being done in the area and we could expect our service to return in “4-6 hours”. O_O. Since it became apparent we would have no internet for awhile, we decided we would go to dinner at a local restaurant that I had a Living Social deal for. I made 6PM reservations and we went to wait for the bus at around 5:20. We ended up waiting for the bus for an HOUR. I was fuming and we were about to just give up and go inside to order pizza when it finally came. Septa, you’ve really outdone yourself. Luckily, they had tables available so our reservation wasn’t a big deal. Someone up there must have wanted to test my patience that night, because there was an issue involving hostess/waitress miscommunication and no one came to our table for quite a while until we tracked someone down and told them. Luckily, the food was delicious and the bus going back was on time. And our internet worked when we got back.

The following day Shawn’s family came to visit for a little while. I didn’t really do much the rest of the day. We watched the new episodes of Once Upon A Time and Downton Abbey that aired (talk about awesome TV night!). Looking forward to Smash tonight…though I’ll have to stay up till 11 again. Hopefully its worth it! I haven’t decided yet whether its a show I’ll continue to watch, but there’s only been one episode so we’ll see.

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  1. The dryer eats socks. Put them in a delicates/lingerie bag when you’re doing your laundry, toss the bag in with your other stuff while washing and drying. No more missing socks, because they’re contained in the bag. You can get them fairly cheap basically anywhere. 🙂

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