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yadda yadda yadda

Hey guys! Whats new?

At first I thought this week was kind of long, but now that its already Wednesday it doesn’t seem tooo bad. I had a test on Monday in Advertising. The professor is probably like the dumbest person I’ve ever had. He practically gave out have the answers to people when they asked him, and told us one of the questions didn’t count cause people convinced him that it was the same as another question (which it wasn’t haha). Then he lets us grade our own tests. I mean its nice and all…but he just doesn’t seem to be good at the whole professor thing. And the people in the class aren’t much smarter than he is hahaha

I got a new straightener! Its a Chi =) chi.jpg A bunch of my friends have it and they swear by it, so I decided to get one (my old one if getting kind of beat up). From what I’ve tried, its really really nice. It also came with a couple bottles of other stuff too which is cool.

Valentine’s Day is next week! <3 I'm pretty excited...I like Valentine's Day. haha. I'm not sure if theres plans or anything yet though...Shawn and I might go to dinner or something that weekend (cause I'm sure it'll be packed on the actual day). I got him a little present...but he might read this so I can't say what it is (I'm watching you, Shawn!)

Band has been pretty good so far. I actually like the music we got yesterday…some of its really pretty. Though I feel like a lot of it the clarinet parts are realllly exposed. I can like hear myself play…haha. Don’t like that! I’ve also been asked to join wind ensemble since on of the clarinets left…so I’m looking forward to that. Hopefully the music isn’t too overly difficult…though I know for a fact that one of the songs they played last year was one we played in high school, so I’m not too worried.

We’ve got a couple new hostees that I may have forgot to announce before haha (Liz and Missa) so please check out their sites! (on the links page)

I should start reading now. bleh. later alligator.

7 thoughts on “yadda yadda yadda”

  1. i know the weeks gone by fast for me to !

    i am excited for V DAY to. My church is doing a v day basket fundraiser…

    Would shawn mind if you posted a picture of him ??


  2. wow..I love curlers more than straighteners. lol.. :)) Your excited for VALENTINES? awwww.. i’m not that excited. lol..

    Take Care!

  3. My whole msg wouldn’t show :s
    The music in my school band is to easy.. gah.. But I’m playing in a band where the adults plays, and that’s kind of challenging 😉
    Good luck in the wind ensemble! 😀

  4. I have a straightener but I never use it cause my hair is already straight, hehe xD I use the curler more =)
    I’ve never been in a school band before because I dont play an instrument but I do sometimes think what it may feel like. LOL

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