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here we go again

Soo…I’ve officially had all my classes except for my Editing for the Media lecture this Friday. I’m really not excited about any of them (minus Editing). The Cable Industry class seems somewhat interesting and the professor is a great guy, but the professor for my Death and Dying class (its a Religion course) is a bit wacky…and my Advertising professor seems kinda rude and basically thinks that theres no point to non-majors in the class (even though theres a bunch of them, myself included) sooo yea. Luckily my major is somewhat related to the field…and the BTMM version of the course that I took last semester is basically the same…the final project is even the same lols. So I hope its not too bad. Lots of reading and crap though. And my Death and Dying class has this stupid research paper thing that we need to turn in 30493283 different drafts for. haha.

Besides class things have been good =P Shawn and I went to visit an apartment on Monday for next year and we liked it alot. Its on the Parkway so its right near the Art Museum and stuff. Only problem is getting to campus. lols. I can’t believe I’ll be a senior next year ahhh!

I had band yesterday! It was nice seeing people again…except the music sucks, the new way of doing things sucks (practicing after auditions, actually playing things the first day…), and we have two pieces that “may” be used for the audition next week instead of one like we’re used to. I don’t have the time to practice 2 pieces for next Tuesday. Whatevs if I end up with a second part I’ll be happy…and probably won’t care a whole lot if I’m a third. =P

Thats all for now…

2 thoughts on “here we go again”

  1. looks like you are in full throtle mode. You seem busy !
    …..compared to me……… i have no plans tell friday and even then its just swimming !!

    Have a awsome day,


  2. Heh, I just posted about the same thing today. I feel like religion teachers have to be a little bit crazy, especially when it comes to death and dying. I mean, if that’s all you study, and you don’t believe it all, something has got to break down in your mind. Faith is a powerful tool, both for destroying and reconstructing a soul. I hope you have a wonderful semester!

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