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Yay House!

Hello loves! Another monthly update.

I’m happy to report that Steve and I have found a house to rent! We are moving in mid-April and I am, quite literally, counting down the weeks. Almost 8 😉 April will be a bit nuts due to moving, our 2 birthdays, a wedding, and perhaps a cat convention (!!!)

Speaking of cats, Jesse has his vet visit on Saturday so hopefully all goes well with that. My parents have recently “adopted” a cat that they’ve named Smokey (pictured). She (at least we’re like 80% sure its a she) has been visiting their backyard since the summer and they’ve been feeding her and even got a little outdoor house for her. Eventually they brought her in when it was super cold that one week in January and she’s pretty much made herself at home. She’s pretty skittish but very sweet. They’re also taking her to the vet this weekend for the first time where we’ll find out if she’s microchipped or not (hopefully not cause my mom would be devastated to return her). They also got her this absurdly giant carrier in order to take her there which looks like it could fit a German Shepard.

I’ve been thinking a bit about what I want to do with this blog now that I’ve closed my design shop. Although I had always paid for hosting (even before I started that business), it seems excessive now to drop $150 a year on this little blog that I rarely update anyhow. Unfortunately, I’ve already paid for this year’s hosting in October, but will not renew the plan once it expires. I’ll probably transfer this blog on over to and either have it on the free subdomain (unfortunately “mellieanne” is taken so I don’t really know what it would be) or purchase their paid account for $48/year so I can keep and use this domain name.

I’d love to get back to doing reviews on here. Like I mentioned in my last post, I discontinued most of my subscription boxes so I don’t have anything to review on a regular basis, but I definitely do still have stuff to review (on a non regular basis! lol). I’ve tried out a couple new foundations lately…so maybe that. Also have read lots of books, but those tend to be so tedious to review. I think I’ll do something where I post once a quarter and do some quick reviews on 3 books at once. That will be a lot easier.

That’s all for now…see you next month! <3

ETA: I forgot to mention that I chipped my tooth last week. Has anyone ever done this?? I bit a fork the wrong way and a tiny piece of my front tooth chipped off and I was super freaked out. Other than being freaked out, its not really bothering me though. Its hard to notice if you’re not looking for it, and the only annoying this is that I can feel it (if I’m thinking about it). Luckily I have a dental cleaning scheduled for next week anyway, so I guess I’ll address it there and see what they can do about it. Such a silly thing!

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