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Yesterday Evening

I had just finished making dinner and was about to put my keys in my purse (which was on the floor) to get them out of the way. I must have misjudged the distance between my head and the table because I ended up banging my forehead directly on the corner of the table (yes, it just had to be the corner as opposed to any other area). I rolled around on the floor for a minute screaming, then held ice to it for most of the evening. It hurts if I touch it or move my forehead at all, but surprisingly there is no huge welt or anything in the area today (it was super red last night).

Because that obviously didn’t add enough suckyness to my night, my laptop’s mouse and keyboard suddenly decided they were no longer going to work just to spite me. I didn’t even touch anything. One minute they worked, the next they didn’t. I tried restarting, but my computer got stuck on the start-up screen (not sure if that was related). After Windows did its fixing-startup activities, I was able to get back on my desktop again but still no mouse and keyboard. I ended up doing a system restore to February 6th and re-started. This fixed the keyboard! But still no mouse. Going to try re-installing the mouse driver tonight (if I can find it). I’m hoping that works. At least I can still use my USB mouse but, since I sit on the couch with my laptop 99.9% of the time, its kind of inconvenient. #firstworldproblems

[insert additional issues involving website plugins suddenly not working and burning the food I was cooking for my lunch today]

To top it off, I’ve been having issues with my gums the past few days. On Tuesday morning when I was eating breakfast (cereal), I noticed my gums were super sensitive and it hurt to eat. It hasn’t gone away and eating my lunch yesterday took like an hour…I didn’t even have an appetite anymore since it was such a challenge to eat! Its pretty much just the gums on the upper part of my mouth. I’ve had stuff like this before if I bit on a chip (or something crispy) the wrong way or if I ate something hot and burned my mouth somehow, but never a large portion of my mouth for no reason. I really hope this goes away soon, because its definitely a nuisance. I also hope I don’t have gum disease or something of the sort.

It snowed a teeny bit yesterday. Its weird how we’ve barely had any snow this winter. I actually wish we would have one huge snowfall that would close everything down for a couple days (like a Thursday and Friday). That would be awesome. What would not be awesome would be walking to and from the grocery store in the snow. Our street doesn’t have sidewalks, so the sides of the road don’t get plowed. Yea, its super safe and all. X( I really need to get a car…if not for the sole purpose of driving down the street to the grocery store haha. But, alas, I have no car…so I guess I should not want snow to happen unless I want to trudge through it.

That’s all for now. Cross your fingers for the healing my head, gums, computer, general disposition…

3 thoughts on “Yesterday Evening”

  1. Man, you’ve had some hard luck these past few days! Be more, careful okay? As far as the gums issue, when I had soreness, I switched my toothpaste (temporarily because it’s expensive and I hate the taste) to Crest’s Clinical Gum Protection. The soreness subsided and I saw a steep decrease in bleeding. It really works! Also, I find manual toothbrushes are far more gentle on the gums; if you’re using an electric, spinning toothbrush, you might consider switching for the time being. Best of luck, Mellie!

    1. @Asia ooh thank you for the toothpaste suggestion…I will have to check it out. I’ve never used an electric toothbrush, so I’m okay there =p

      And luckily, my computer’s mouse and keyboard are functional again (apparently taking out the battery does the trick!).

  2. Oh goodness. 0.0 I’m sorry this day was filled with pain.
    Computer problems suck! I’m glad taking out the battery brought it back to life.
    About your gums? Is it your wisdom teeth maybe? Or have you gotten those out already?
    I hate when my mouth hurts. I have braces and after every checkup my teeth always hurt so bad. So eating right now is a pain. >.< I also keep biting the inside of my lip and now its turned into a sore. I hate that the most because it burns whenever I talk/brush my teeth/eat/drink. Basically anything. -.-
    I hope you discover the mystery behind your gum pain.

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