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you’re so vaaain

Good afternoon on this tiresome rainy Monday =P

I’ve decided that listening to people flirting makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Especially girls. And especially when they have this yippidy yappidy fake chihuahua voice. Maybe thats why I’ve never been able to stand those teen shows like Dawson’s Creek or One Tree Hill or…whatever. hahaha.

My boss is back today =P I’m actually glad cause I’m not always wondering what I’m doing anymore. lol. The payroll checks came in, so we’re basically just going through and verifying all the names…and tomorrow we’re gonna count the checks. Its a nuance but it gets me more hours. lols.

The Vegas trip has been scheduled for the week of July 16th! yays =) Of course…we’re going to the hottest part of the country on the hottest day of the year. So i’m basically gonna die. But at least I’ll die near where the cast of CSI has previously walked. <3! *dies*

Spending the night at Shawn’s 🙂 I’ve decided I’m super excited for August 1st when I get to move into my new apartment! I got a bed this weekend…well ordered it. lol. Its this one. I like how it has drawers on the side so I don’t need to buy a separate dresser 🙂 I’ll have to eventually make a list of everything we need to get. I still need a desk (with a chair) and a nightstand. lol.

I’ve been working a little on the portfolio…I’ll probably get more done tomorrow. It looks like crappola in IE though…I was trying to put a dotted line using the H6 tag and its supposed to be below the links to the next pages…but in IE its above it. bah! Anyone know what I should do? 😛 Not that I care too much about IE…since this blog looks slightly wonky in it as well.

Thanks to Kelsie and Katie for the guestbook entries!

Thats all for today…byyyes!

6 thoughts on “you’re so vaaain”

  1. That’s awesome for when you get to move into your new apartment. It’d be nice if I could move into my own place a couple years from now when I’m your age… but I’ll probably still be living with the parentals. I’m a pretty dependent person… I blame my upbringing. I wish I was more independent. :/

    Aww, OTH is love lol

  2. I hate hearing people flirt too. x_x Especially when girls speak in baby voices or act “dumb.” Hope you have a great time in Vegas! 😀

  3. Yeah, those girls make me sick too. I admit that I can flirt, but I’m no different than I normally am.

    That’s a nice looking bed. =) Hope you like a new place!

  4. lmao 😀 haha, you should’ve seen Fantasic Four: The Silver Surfer.. it’s FILLED WITH FLIRTING xD they do get on your NERVES THOUGH O__O they sound so… stupid imitating a child like that

    Haha, PAYCHECKS! (no need for exclamation there)

    Hey! You’re coming to VEGAS?? I’m in LAS VEGAS xD… and don’t worry, it’s NOT that hot :P. Go on the Strip during the night time and you’re good (: Yes, we do proudly represent CSI: Las Vegas =D

    Nice looking bed. Comfy and functional. I like it. And why yes, IE SUCKS xD upgrade people, UPGRADE

  5. Don’t bother with the fixing of the IE. IE should be tied down and beaten mercilessly over the head with a fork >

  6. Crap, my comment got lost.

    What i said was

    “Hahaha, I hate it when people flirt..but it’s worse when it’s full blown kissing or whatever other PDAs that people enjoy. It’s almost becoming a daily routine of yelling GET A ROOM!”

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