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calm down!!

*yawn* kinda sleepy and eh. haha.

Work today was teh suck. I can’t wait till my boss gets back cause I never feel like I’m doing anything right. =/ lol.

There seems to be an intense phone conversation going on near me in the Tech Center. I honestly don’t understand how people can just talk (loudly) on a cell phone in a public place about personal issues. hahaha. He keeps saying “calm down! Just calm down!” STFU! lol. And then theres the girl behind me thats been talking about facebook apps for like an hour with her friend. gah

I feel like making a new layout. I guess since I’m online way too much now I’m getting bored of looking at it. haha. My bf suggested I make a separate portfolio site…which is a pretty good idea. Hmm. I don’t feel like I have anything good to put on it though :-/ Just a few layout designs…and my blends and all are really crappy. hahaha.

O yea…so I love gmail…and online ftp! hahaha. But I do not love my hair right now. Its neither curly nor straight…but this kind of frizzy wave. lols.

I don’t have anything interesting to say :-/ *bored* bye byes

8 thoughts on “calm down!!”

  1. LoL! Some people don’t care, you should come where I live, is country as hell, so you see people screaming at each other but they’re really talking. I’ve never seen something like that in my life…if it wasn’t for the military I wouldn’t be living here!

    Making a portfolio site sounds like a good idea, just remove all the content that you have here, keep it just as a blog, and start adding stuff to the portfolio. I like to have everything in my page though, I wouldn’t make a separate portfolio for the content, but it works for a lot of people.

  2. I hate it when people talk on their cell phones. It just seems so rude. I try not to ever use my phone when I’m around people. My phone is pretty much just for emergencies and asking for rides haha.

  3. lmao, you have a good point there 😀
    the least they could do is talk about it in the bathroom, where it is semi-private… heck, I wouldn’t mind a persona talking about personal issues in the stall next to mine 😀

    Haha, this is when SHAMPOO and Conditioner come in. YOUR HAIR WILL MAKE IT 🙂

  4. Sorry work was bad. Ah, I hate overhearing people’s personal stuff in public. Even if I don’t know them, it just isn’t stuff that I usually want to hear. My hair is making me angry too, it’s just too plain, I need to get it cut too.

  5. That can be so irritating, people talking loudly on their cell phones in public, especially in situations when you can’t walk away, like the bus. I always feel very bad about listening to their conversation, but they don’t seem to mind, which is just really odd.

  6. Yeah u and me both .. gmail and online ftp!! yeahh! lol.

    Anyway… ive been wanting to make an online portfolio but like you, i’ve got nothing much to put on it. *sigh*

  7. hmm… im not a fan of gmail or online ftp lol.

    well im back and i made a new lay! i want to make a portfolio too im just waiting for the best code or script for it to come to me lol

  8. isn’t that annoying? they just blab on and on about their personal lives and don’t get anything done except make sure you can’t get anything done. what’s even more annoying is when they have a problem that you know how to fix, but you can’t help them because you’d have to admit you were listening. lol now that’s frustrating.

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