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Its amazing how ridiculously messy the apartment can get after like 2 days. I mean I’m never here…but when I am theres like piles of dishes and the trash is overflowing! haha. I dunno…if I were here more I think I’d be more annoyed. =P Though I did complain last year about how dumb it is to get annoyed over dirty dishes…so that would be a little hypocritical of me. lols. But its one thing if they’re building up over a week or so…but I swear this apt was spotless like a few days ago. hahaha.

As you can tell, I have like nothing whatsoever to blog about. =P Work was boring as usual…though I actually had more to do than usual. I’ll be working the whole week. Yay for money! I’m playing in band for the Temple vs. Duke game on Wednesday night so that should be exciting. And Shawn is coming over for dinner on Saturday to my house again so that should also be exciting.

I’ve been sick for the past couple days but I’m better now. =)

Yea…thats it. Exciting, I know.

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  1. Ah, roommates. I don’t miss them one bit. I’ve been working over break too. I’m sure there’ll be a post up some time about it. I hope you have fun at the game. Go Temple!

  2. hey just wanted to tell you the sites going good and i got a new layout up.

    feel free to check it out.

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