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All Moved In!

Well we’re finally all un-packed and moved into the new condo!

I guess the moving process went fairly smoothly, all things considered. We did end up breaking the railing and a light in our old apartment trying to get the couch out. Hopefully my dad can fix it at some point, but if not I guess it’ll just have to come out of our security deposit. We were able to completely move our stuff out and in under 3 hours which was really fast! We had to move our stuff into the new place really quickly because its a one way street and we were basically blocking the street in order to park the truck. Most cars were pretty nice about it (although we did have to move a couple times to let some people out of parking spaces etc) but there was this one douche in a sports car that basically sat there beeping his horn behind the truck. Like wtf dude? Just turn your car around and go down another street…its not like there’s no way to get where your going if you can’t get down that one block. Luckily we were all unpacked by then, so my dad was able to move to let Mr. Toolbag through. But honestly we would have let him sit there beeping his horn all day if we weren’t about to leave anyway. Rude people piss me off so much.

Spent most of the weekend unpacking everything. The downstairs level of our condo is SO COLD…even with the heat on. We think its because there’s a door leading outside from there, and maybe its not that well insulated. We still need to paint, get area rugs for the living room and the bedroom, get a dresser, and hang up pictures (after its painted of course). I can’t wait to get area rugs because I’m not a huge fan of all the hardwood. I need something soft!

With all we have going on I kind of wish Christmas wasn’t like next week. Still have to get a gift for the office pollyanna and for Shawn’s parents and for my parents and for Shawn’s nephew. Guess I know what I’ll be doing all Saturday lol. Luckily I already ordered Shawn’s gift online…should be here tomorrow!

Anyone else like Christmas so much more when you were a kid? I feel like Christmas as an adult is just filled with annoying obligations. Like I just want to sit at home with people I actually like being around and drink hot cocoa (with some Bailey’s!) and sit in front of a Christmas tree and watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music. I don’t want to stress out over buying people shit and being social with people. Like I don’t understand the purpose of getting grown adults presents if they’re not part of your immediate family and have actually told you what they’d like. And I hate when people don’t like gift cards because they think its “lazy” or whatever and want some kind of “surprise”. It just places more stress on the gift-giver to try and figure out wtf they want. And if they don’t like the “surprise” its just a complete waste. I’ve gotten so many gifts over the years that I just don’t like. I’d rather just not get anything than get something I’m not going to use at all or have to go through effort to return. And the last thing I ever want to do is place stress on someone else to have to think about what to get me.

Okay I’ll end my Grinch-y Christmas rant now! =p

I’ll be sure to take pictures of the new place once we actually have everything!

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  1. Congratulations! That’s a huge step! It’s pretty amazing when your peers start moving in together and having babies… amazing, and weird. For the record, I don’t like Christmas either. I grew out of it pretty quickly too. It’s just like you said, one obligation after another, after another. I hate anything that encourages to spend out of tradition, and not because it is meaningful. So I just let everyone know I’m a Grinch and they’re not likely to get anything from me. 😀 I love being the resident curmudgeon! Good luck settling in! Sometimes that takes the longest time.

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