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Birchbox Home Limited Edition Box

Hello all! I’m still getting settled into the new place, so sorry for the somewhat sporadic posting! I figured that reviewing the Birchbox Home Limited Edition box would be a good fit, though! Unfortunately, this box is sold out, but all of the products included in it are sold separately in the “Home” pop-up shop!


I kept going back and forth with wanting to purchase this. The price is $58, which is pretty steep for me and for what’s included. Luckily, I had some Birchbox points as well as a discount code so I only ended up paying 20-something for it. I think for that price it was worth it! I got it the week we moved into our new condo, so it was perfect timing as well…a bit of a housewarming present for myself =p.. The box it comes in is very large compared to the regular Birchboxes…its pretty much the same size as a large shoe box. The box itself is so pretty and everything is packaged very pretty as well.

Birchbox Home

Here’s what was included:

  • Birchbox Recipe Cards I haven’t used these yet, but they are very pretty and eye-catching. They look great in my kitchen! I already have a recipe book so I’m not sure if I will use these…maybe for some special recipes or for ones that I need to see quickly or something.
  • Core Bamboo Spatula Set This is a set of three, good quality spatulas in yellow, green, and orange. They are three different sizes as well. We’re always using spatulas so these come in handy! They also look really nice as well and I love the colors.
  • Quirky’s smart Stem citrus spritzer I haven’t used this yet but it seems like a neat idea (you basically stick it in a fruit and you’re able to spritz the juice). I just have no idea what I’m going to use it for. Perhaps fish?
  • Dean & Deluca’s Rosemary Dean & Deluca is pretty high end, so I was looking forward to trying out this Rosemary! They include quite a lot in the tin as well. I’ve used it on potatoes and chicken so far and they were delicious, so thumbs up for this Rosemary! Not sure its worth the full price, but I like that it was included.
  • Sabatino & Co. Roma’s Truffle Sea Salt I think we can all agree that this is basically the star product of the box! I was looking forward to this salt the most, and it did not disappoint! The jar is gorgeous (looks great on the countertop), and I’ve been using this in place of regular salt for most meals. It has an amazing and interesting flavor. Really love it and it definitely made the box worth it for me.
  • Chalkboard placecards This includes a set of four chalkboard placecards and chalk. I don’t throw many dinner parties, but I think these will be useful for labeling and just for general decor (I currently have my and my boyfriend’s name written on them on our dining room table). I’ve also heard that they’re great for labeling dishes at potlucks or buffets.
  • Herringbone Cocktail napkins These are basically your standard paper napkin, but with a very pretty and modern print. I haven’t actually used them yet because I don’t want to dirty them…they’re just so pretty!
  • Antica Farmacista Home Ambiance Fragrance This is probably the second star of this box (at least for me)! I’ve been on a total diffuser kick lately (just bought another one today actually)…they just look so gorgeous. I love this fragrance, Prosecco, which is very light and a bit fruity/citrusy. This would be perfect in a small space like a bathroom, but I have mine on the dining room table and I can still smell the fragrance every time I’m around it.
  • Paperless Post’s flat-printed cards I actually needed a couple cards to mail out for Christmas, so I used the 2 that came in the Birchbox Home! I really liked these cards…they’re very sturdy cardboard (not flimsy at all). There’s only one side to them but I kind of like that…makes it unique. I might actually pick up more to send out next year or for other events.
  • P.S.-I Made This… DIY Kit This kit included fabric paint, decorative tape, twine, silver sharpies, and a paint sponge brush thing. I’m not exactly very crafty, so I didn’t make much use of it. You’re supposed to use this to decorate the napkins that are included (below). I tried my best but they turned out pretty terrible except for one. I guess if you have any kind of crafting bone in your body you’d probably be able to put something very nice and pretty together, but I think my creativity is limited to computer graphics haha!
  • MYdrap Cotton Napkin Rolls Set of 4 cloth napkins to be used with the above kit.
  • Jonathan Adler Playing Cards You had a choice between these playing cards and some gourmet sugar with each box. I chose the playing cards because we don’t have any (lost ours a couple years ago). They’re really pretty and definitely brighten up the coffee table!

All in all, I really like this Birchbox Home box! I don’t think it was worth $58 at all, but it was definitely worth what I paid for it, if only for the truffle salt (which retails for $20 anyway).

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff in the Birchbox Home pop-up shop to check out also! I hope they keep this around for a little while because I’m loving it…I’m a total sucker for home products =p

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