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Almost Cruise Time!

…5 days to go before we head to the Bahamas (and Florida!)

This past weekend I went home to pick up some things for the cruise, but was unable to find a swimsuit in any store. 🙁 I thought, even though its October, there would at least be a small clearance section off in the back somewhere but nope. Looks like I’ll be wearing my old, ill-fitting swimsuit instead since I don’t really have time to purchase anything online.

Good news is that I (and Shawn!) have Halloween costumes! I dug up my 20’s flapper costume in my closet that I wore when I was around 11 or 12. It was an adult costume at the time, so it fits me perfectly now. I bought some accessories to go along with it (a headband, fake pearls, feather boa, and a fake cigarette holder). Shawn’s costume is basically his suit with a white tie and fedora hat. Hopefully there is some kind of Halloween type event on the ship or else bringing the costumes is kind of a waste (though I suppose we could walk around with them on and look a bit silly).

I also went on a bit of a shopping spree for non-cruise items which I totally shouldn’t have but oh well. I go a little nuts when the Fall weather starts up. New sweaters and boots! <3 I also got a new phone! It wasn't really planned at all, but I went along with my dad to the Verizon store and asked about the new iPhone 5C. I got a pink one, and it ended up being completely free due to trading in my old iphone4 and getting a $100 credit. Love the new phone...super cute and much more thin/sleek. Kinda wish the pink were more of a "Barbie" shade instead of bright neon pink, but its still cute. My dad came over a little on Saturday so I could show him how to take care of the kitty. I'm hoping things will go well next week and the kitty doesn't get stressed or anything and his eye issue doesn't return. He's been fairly good health-wise lately and seems to get along with my dad fine. Still worried about the little guy though =/ (then again I always kind of am). Oh yea...Shawn and I celebrated 7 years together yesterday! Time fliesss.

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