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August StitchFix Box

Hello there! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! I don’t know about you, but I would love for this summer to end…hate the heat and bugs!

Just a quick post about my August Stitch Fix box. Overall, this box was a bit of a dud =/ I’ll try my best in the future to take pictures of these myself…for now I only have photos of a couple of the items, but I’ve linked to the others I could find.

2015-08-06 19.27.16

  • Simpson Halter Top: (click for photo) I wasn’t really feeling this top. The price was just exorbitant for what it was (a simple summery casual shirt). I’m also not really big on halter tops.
  • Belrose Dress: I was excited to receive a dress, but a little disappointed after I tried it on. Its cut kind of oddly, with the waistline hem very high up. Other than that, it fit well…wish the waistline wasn’t so strange.
  • Filbert Abstract Striped Henley Blouse: (click for photo) This would have been a cute print as a sleeveless blouse, but unfortunately it had sleeves and super weird ones at that. I couldn’t get them to lay correctly…they were so bunchy. You can even kind of see how bunchy the sleeves are in the photo.
  • Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse: (photo below) I LOVED this top and was this close to purchasing it. Then I googled the brand and found out that Norstrom Rack sells it for only $19 (and Stitch Fix was charging $58). I know that they use a lot of the same vendors and have no way of knowing what NR will purchase, but I still couldn’t justify the cost even factoring in the $20 discount from the stylist fee. Unfortunately, Nordstrom Rack didn’t have it at the store and was sold out online so I guess I missed my chance.
  • Kara Hammered Coin Long Necklace: (photo below) The only thing I kept in this box! I had requested a simple silver necklace. Although I asked for a shorter necklace, I do really like this long one and it matches a lot of my outfits. Very pretty and versatile!
The Esten Button-Up top with the Kara necklace
The Esten Button-Up top with the Kara necklace

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In other fashion-y related news, I made a trip to the outlets in Atlantic City yesterday (because clearly I don’t go to AC to go to the beach or gamble…I go shopping LOL). I picked up a pencil skirt from Banana Republic (which I may have to exchange as its a teensy bit small), a cardigan from LOFT, and this beauty…

2015-08-10 16.18.35

I was in need of a new purse (my current one is cat scratches galore), and couldn’t pass it up, especially as it was pretty cheap by Coach standards. I was looking for a tote that would be able to hold my laptop, which it easily does. I can fit a huge amount of stuff in here, including my lunch for the day (no more lunchbag for me!), sweaters, and a pair of flats or something. The only downside is the lack of interior pockets, but I’ll make do. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a photo of my little (well, not so little) JJ in all his cuteness:

Look into my huge pretty alien eyes...
Look into my huge pretty alien eyes…

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  1. If you knew how many people would LOVE to have some more summer. You think the summer is too long? Think 6-8 months of less than 10 degrees C, cold rain, cold winds and maybe snow. Well we don’t have that weather all the time but from October to April we expect anything, and not even in the summer we know if there’ll be an actual summer (that’s why we go to Italy every year).
    However, I’m sorry about Charlie. Don’t know what happened to him but I know he was having troubles with different things. I’m also glad you are blogging again. Probably I’d like your private blog more, but I suppose I’d need a Google account for that.
    Your new cat is gorgeous!!!

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