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Benefit Cosmetics Big Easy BB Cream Review

I’m a big fan of anything by Benefit Cosmetics! I logged onto Birchbox to order some more Marcelle BB Cream that I love, but they were all out of my shade unfortunately. Then I noticed that there was a new BB Cream available from Benefit called “Big Easy” and that Birchbox was offering extra points for purchasing, so I figured “why not?” Unfortunately, the first shade I got, “Light”, was too light for my skintone so I had to exchange it. Luckily “Medium/Light” is perfect!

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I’m torn on whether or not I like this BB Cream. The texture is very different from the Marcelle cream I’m used to. Whereas the Marcelle is more creamy, this cream has a very matte finish and dries like a powder. This would probably be a lifesaver for people with oily skin, but not so much for me. There is the benefit of not having to apply powder afterwards, but I have to use a really heavy duty moisturizer underneath to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out too much. I find that its a bit hard to blend also. If I dot it on my face, I have to rub it in really fast before it dries and gets too streaky to blend. Once its on, it looks very nice. The coverage is pretty good compared to drugstore brands I’ve tried, and its probably on par with the Marcelle. And, unlike the Marcelle, this has SPF 30 which is great! Because of the high SPF, it kind of smells like sunscreen (which I don’t really mind).

So overall, I’m not sure I would purchase this again…not because it isn’t a great BB Cream (it is!), but because it just doesn’t seem like a great fit for my dry/combo skin.

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