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Hello 2013!

Hello all! A lot of stuff to cover in this post, so you’re in for a long one.

Christmas and New Years were good. Nothing super exciting to report. Our New Years Eve was pretty low key. We went to a restaurant a few blocks away from us, and then just kind of hung out until midnight.

The condo is going great, minus a couple mishaps. The first being that I jammed our garbage disposal (a shot glass made its way into it…lets just say the shot glass didn’t make it). I thought we were going to have to call a professional to get it fixed, but the bf came through and fixed it! I was amazed (and super grateful) since I’m usually the more “handyman” of us. So glad that we don’t have to spend money to get it fixed. Another issue we’ve been having is that the outlet that pretty much everything important is plugged into (TV, Roku Box, computer, modem, router, Christmas tree lights, DVD player…) keeps randomly shutting off. Its happened twice so far, and both times started working again without us doing anything (and nothing was switched off in the circuit breaker so I don’t think a fuse blew?). I’m think maybe there’s just too much plugged into it? Not sure.

Other than that, its been awesome…and I am loving walking to work again. No having to deal with waiting in traffic for 40 minutes and I get some default exercise in haha. I’ll be sure to post some pics of the place for my next entry! Pretty much all that’s needed is an area rug for the living room and something to put above the TV, but it still looks nice without.

Filling in at work is going…better than anticipated. Although January is just starting so I shouldn’t speak too soon I guess. But as for December, nothing super stressful occurred. I’ve lucked out in that there weren’t that many phone calls, which is pretty much my main anxiety-inducer lol. Crossing my fingers that my luck will last through this month. But on to the New Years stuff…

2012 in Review:

This year really flew by. I probably say that every year, but it seriously feels as though the New Years Eve party I had for 2012 was only a couple months ago. And to think that in May it will be 4 years since I’ve graduated is absurd. Like I refuse to believe that.

At any rate…even though this year felt ridiculously fast, I did have some great accomplishments. The main one being starting my own blog design business, which is a goal that I didn’t even make for myself at the start of the year. Its actually been going really well so far, and I love offering a service for people that I really love to do! I’ve even accomplished a few of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year like paying off my student loans and buying a condo (although technically the bf did). In addition to those things, I’ve had some great times with friends this past year…probably some of the best times since I’ve graduated 🙂

2013 Goals…

And here’s some things I’d like to have happen in 2013:

  • Get a Car: I’d like a tiny car (like tiny), even if I don’t drive it too often. One that isn’t too expensive, and would be good for city driving. Our condo comes with 2 parking spots, so I’d like to fill one!
  • Learn Adobe Illustrator: I really need to learn Illustrator! I’ve always wanted to, and I’ve had some very limited/basic experience with it in the past but I completely forget how to use it. If anyone knows of any good online classes or even tutorials, please let me know!
  • Write/Record New Music: Now that I’m in an area that is more quiet (which is interesting, since I’m in the city now), I’d like to start making time to write/record music again. That includes devoting some time to learning the guitar. God knows if I remember any of the chords I had learned on it months ago!
  • Go on Vacation: Okay…for real this time! Although I don’t know if I’ll be able to accomplish both going on vacation and buying a car within the same year. I guess we’ll have to see what happens.
  • And the one I hate thinking about…: Figure out what I’m “doing with my life”. I know that sounds super vague, but it kind of encompasses a few things. I’d like 2013 to bring about some big changes, or at least provide me with a clear idea of where I’m headed in life, if that makes any sense.

To conclude this ridiculously long post, I’d like to give a big thank you to one of my former hostees from way back for sending me such a sweet email this morning. Its so nice to know that people still listen to my music and that I helped someone to get a start with web design by providing hosting so long ago. You made my day! 🙂

1 thought on “Hello 2013!”

  1. I’m excited to see pictures of your new place.
    I hope your outlet isn’t broken, you might want to have it checked out, that could be dangerous. I suffer from having too many things plugged into the walls. I need to start unplugging things that I don’t use. -.- So bad.

    Your goals are great. I admire anyone who can make goals like this for themselves. I’m horrible at making goals like this.
    Happy New Year and I hope you accomplish your goals. 😀

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