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daily boredom

Good morning everyone. Nothing to do at work yet since my boss won’t be in till 1, so I might as well take the time to blog a little.

I really wish we had snow =( It snowed a lot in some places yesterday but only a tiny bit here…and none of it stuck. meh.

One of my professors is already being a pain in the ass. He tells us we need to have this textbook for the first day of class, so I order it (for 100 bucks.) and then a week later he sends an email saying he changed the textbook. So I have to figure out if I can send the one I ordered back. And the new textbook cost like 50 bucks more than the other one. >.<

Class starts next Tuesday. Kind of not looking forward to it cause it means I’ll have to start my worrying again (especially if theres oral presentations involved as part of the class…or required participation…or some other dumb crap like that). *lesigh* I have to start thinking about internships…and what I actually want to DO when I get out of college. Which is only like a year and a half away. And I honestly don’t even know yet…no ones going to want me. I’m sure of it. They’ll want someone with experience who’s all rawrrrrr!motivated and involved. I wish I could start as a freshman again and change things…I never knew how quickly everything would fly by.

I’m looking forward to living with Shawn next year though! At least thats one good thing haha. Were going to look at one of the places next Monday.

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  1. OMG IM GOING NUTS! Can you reset the password for my account, I can’t get to it and I need to add some stuff! :@@@@ I’m thinking I got hacked 🙁

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