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Brunch and Crock Pots

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! They’re always too short though, aren’t they? 🙁

Shawn and I went out to brunch on Saturday morning. There are a lot of awesome brunch spots right near our condo, so we figured it was about time to check one out! We are at Sabrina’s Cafe, which is a really popular brunch spot in the area (there’s usually like an hour wait). Despite the wait, the food was delicious. I got the French Toast stuffed with cream cheese (yes, very healthy I know). I’m all about anything that includes cream cheese! It was so good and always gigantic…I could only eat half. I would have taken an Instagram of it or something since it was so huge, but we were sitting right in the front and I didn’t want to be one of those people. haha.

After brunch, my dad came over to bring us a ladder that we really needed. We have high ceilings so we need one to change our lightbulbs when they burn out. After that, he took me to Target since I was planning on picking up a couple new kitchen gadgets. I ended up getting a crock pot (since the one I had purchased before was defective and never worked) and a new rice cooker. The crock pot is much smaller than the one we bought before (its a 2 quart) but the size is perfect for the 2 of us. I tried it out on Sunday with a chicken thigh recipe, and it worked out great! The chicken was almost too juicy though haha…it basically fell apart when I tried to get it out of the pot. Looking forward to trying it out with some more recipes. The idea is to leave it on all day while I’m at work, which would be 9 hours…I’m hoping that it doesn’t end up getting burned with that much time though since I’ll probably use chicken breast =/ Guess I’ll have to experiment with recipes a bit. Maybe I’ll put the chicken in when its a little frozen so it doesn’t dry out and overcook. Anyone have any experience with crock pots?

I think the graze box subscription might work out. Despite absolutely loving the snacks (which is enough reason to keep it), my boxes have been more consistent with shipping. I haven’t been getting them super late, and I even got my last box on the correct week for once. Maybe I’ll review a box on here again.

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  1. I have a crock pot as well I think its about the same size. Its perfect for both of us as well. As far as leaving it I put it on LOW for the whole day, dont worry it wont burn. By the time your ready to eat it will be delish & ready! Ill put a dinner on around 9 or 10 by the time Mr. eats it around 9pm & its just fine… I love crock pots.. just throw & go!

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