Butter London – “All Hail The Queen”

This is a new polish I just received today from Butter London! It’s a light taupe color with a little bit of glitter. This shade is actually very very light, so it took me about 3 coats to get it to where it is now, but I think it turned out very pretty! I’ve been wanting a taupe shade for awhile, and while this is probably not my “perfect” taupe shade, it will definitely do!

I received this polish (along with 2 other Butter London polishes and a Butter London matte topcoat) for FREE from a new beauty site called Coterie. Coterie has yet to launch, but you can sign up here for early access! I don’t think the free deal is still going on, but they have the same thing for $36 (4 Butter London polishes would normally be close to $60) and they will have more deals after launch! It seems like a similar idea to Hautelook, but with beauty products. Can’t wait to see what they have in store! 🙂

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