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Condo Search, Weird Phobias, and Parties

I’ve had so many random entries in my drafts…I keep getting distracted or something and there they stay! So this will mostly just be a random hodge podge of the past couple weeks.

House/Condo Search update: So the house that I was talking about in my other entry that I liked (but Shawn not so much) is going to be sold to someone else, so that’s out. 🙁 We visited a really nice condo building last week and loved it. Only problem, of course, is that its very expensive. Its still a strong contender, but I don’t know…its just so expensive! We’re checking out some more condos this Thursday that are more like houses, which I like. Hopefully we have some luck with those!

Last week was kind of rough. Mostly little things that kept happening like forgetting my keys in the apartment, and forgetting to buy enough food for lunches, and a bunch of other little things. But they all add up and its like urrgh! haha. Then on Thursday, I got a list of phone numbers that I needed to call for work. Not exactly cold calling, but it was seriously like 50+ numbers and not something that I usually have to do. Now I really hate talking about anything related to work online (not that many people I work with are online that much anyway lol), but I posted it on Twitter because I was just so stressed. Anyone who knows me is probably aware that I most likely have some moderate social anxiety issues, and for some reason talking on the phone to strangers is one of the things that sets me off. Making a call here and there is fine…but for some reason being presented with so many numbers at once was overwhelming, and its more stressful if there’s other people around when I’m talking that could hear me. I went into the bathroom and started crying, which I’m aware is not what a normal person does when having to make some phone calls! I was even thinking…WTF am I doing?? haha. I wouldn’t go as far to call it an anxiety attack in the medical sense, but it was definitely an attack of anxious feelings! Luckily I made the calls and got it over with, but it was not a good day lol. Apparently there is actually something called “phone phobia“, though. Who knew? I actually had a really long post in my drafts about all of this from last week…talking about social anxiety and general shyness. But it was just so long and rambley because I kept stopping and starting it and editing it. I don’t think anyone wants to read a novel for a blog entry! =p

Luckily my weekend was much better than my week! I went to Virginia for my friend’s birthday (which is also the same day as her boyfriend’s birthday). There was tons of food and drinks…lots of fun! They will be having a Halloween party next month and I’m totally looking forward to it. I’m trying my best to convince Shawn to go as well (he is not much of a party-er or Halloween person, so it may be a challenge lol). We were supposed to check out some condos this weekend, but it was rescheduled to Thursday evening so as of right now, we have no plans for the weekend. Philadelphia Restaurant Week starts this weekend though, so we’ll probably pick somewhere to go out for dinner!

My left neck/shoulder have been killing me all morning. They were hurting on Sunday, but then didn’t bother me at all yesterday but now its back today. I just took some Advil so hopefully that kicks in soon. Maybe I’m just sleeping on it really weird? I have no idea but ouchh =(

2 thoughts on “Condo Search, Weird Phobias, and Parties”

  1. I also have some kind of phone phobia. Very weird, considering I make phone calls a LOT in my job, but it’s sort of different when I’m home. I put off that forever.

  2. If I remember correctly, you describe yourself as pretty introverted, correct? Talking on the phone to that many strangers would easily stress out anyone with even the mildest introversion. It’s just… not the way we roll, lol. Glad you had some fun despite all the stress. Good luck with the condo search!

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