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Happy October!

Hello all! I’m so glad that its October and finally starting to feel more like Fall. Unfortunately, its supposed to go up to 83 degrees on Wednesday (uck), but hopefully after that it’ll start being consistently cooler. I put up some of the Halloween decor I have over the weekend…it was mostly just window clings and a little pumpkin bowl haha. I need to finish up my current Bath and Body Works candle so that I can get a Fall one! I have a Halloween costume lined up…I’ve actually had it for a couple years but never had an occasion to wear it. Its this clown one. I need to pick up some accessories though! They sell neon socks that I will probably get (in either blue or pink). And maybe a petticoat and a bow? I have no idea what to do for shoes so probably just a pair of black flats or something.

On the condo/home search front, Shawn and I found a condo that we both really love! The location could be a little closer to where we work, but its not too bad (it would be about a 20 minute walk). Its on a fairly nice tree-lined street and has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a garage, fireplace, and large kitchen (at least its “large” compared to the one we have now haha). Only problem is that its apparently been very popular and I have a feeling that someone is going to snatch it up before we can get the mortgage process rolling. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out!

On the same topic, our property manager calls me last week saying that she has a potential tenant that she’s going to bring through our apartment in an hour. I was like…WTF? I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to give us 24 hours written notice before bringing anyone through. I ask her about this and she’s like…well, sometimes people just show up and want to see it. O_o Apparently this woman does not possess the ability to say “no. make an appointment”? I didn’t want to get into it too much so I just said okay (I mean…didn’t really have a choice since this person was apparently on their way over). The only reason I even cared to begin with was that it was so messy…clothes all over the floor and dishes everywhere. I’m not there all day anyway, so if people want to come through then whatever, but I hate when its messy and I’m not there to at least straighten up a bit. Not that its my job to make it clean for these people, but if I was visiting someone’s place to see if I wanted to live there, I know I’d get a really bad impression of it if it was messy. At least I have a reason to try and keep it somewhat presentable for the next 3 months.

And speaking of the next 3 months, I don’t even know how I’m going to handle it. Not even with the condo/move business (obviously that’s going to be a big factor), but a lot of changes are going on at work and I’m probably going to be much more busy. Not that I mind busy (it makes the day go by faster!), but I just hope I’m not anxious busy. I can handle being busy fine, as long as I know what I’m doing, but anxious busy is another story. And then add the holiday season on top of that…I’m sure its going to be craziness!

2 thoughts on “Happy October!”

  1. I hope you’ll get that house!!! I know all about house stress – when we looked at houses 2010 we saw this one that we live in now, that I REALLY wanted, and a few other newer houses. I’m quite much a pessimist and decided that there wasn’t even a point in “wanting” those other houses because everyone else would want them too, since they were those typical ordinary family houses, while this one was a bit more odd. And, we ended up buying this one, and we’re both very happy with it. My husband claims that you can get any house, it just depends on how much you’re willing to pay. But.. it also depends on how much you are actually able to pay. But I hope all goes well for you, when will you know anything more?

  2. I feel like they should have given you time to clean up. That just doesn’t seem right.
    I would not feel very comfortable having strangers come through my place. >..< I look forward to this kind of weather every year and every year it takes forever. And then once I get it, it's gone before I can even enjoy it. T-T
    Anyway, I really wish I could do Halloween parties this year. But my sister's wedding is the 27th and I'm pretty much swamped with wedding stuff. But I hope your plans go according to plan and that you have fun. 😀
    Woah this is a huge comment. My bad.

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