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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope your day is filled with love, chocolates, flowers, pink-ness, those cute cards we gave to friends when we were little, or all of the above! Shawn doesn’t like Valentine’s Day 🙁 Therefore, I don’t think anything particularly different or special is going on today. From what I remember, we’ve gone to dinner a couple times…but today being Monday it would be a bit difficult. But love don’t cost a thing, as they say. I did go to a Valentine’s party over the weekend, though. My friends from college have this tradition of doing a “pancake party” every year for V-day (the idea of pancakes being based on a line from The Notebook). We make pink pancakes, loaded with chocolate chips of course! We used to use cookie cutters to make them heart-shaped, but we didn’t have any on hand this year.

Did anyone watch the Grammy’s last night? I honestly didn’t know they were on. I usually don’t watch them anyway…I find them kind of, I don’t know, a little trashy? haha. I prefer the Oscars, which of course I won’t be able to watch because the only channel I don’t get on my television is ABC. Awesome. X( At any rate, I’m a bit disappointed Florence and the Machine or Mumford & Sons didn’t win Best New Artist…I love both those bands. I have no idea who Esperanza Spalding is, but she seems talented and I’m very thankful someone other than Justin Bieber won. Can we talk about how much I hate Lady Antebellum? Ugh. “Need You Now” has to be one of the most dull and overrated songs out there. I’m not sure why people like it. Usually I can at least understand why a song goes to #1 on the charts even if I don’t care for it, but I may never understand the popularity of “Need You Now”…or why it apparently deserved Song of the Year and Record of the Year. 😕

And speaking of music…my personal rating of Lady Gaga’s new song is a big bleh. I’m not too familiar with Madonna’s “Express Yourself” (outside of that one episode of Glee), but I assume everyone is correct in saying it sounds a bit too much like it. All I know is that every time I listen to “Born This Way”, I get that Waterfall song by TLC in my head (which I happen to like, but still). I’m holding out hope that the rest of the songs off her new album are better. While we’re on the subject of music, my favorite band of the moment, The Pretty Reckless, just released their album “Light Me Up” in the US last week. Heres the I-tunes link if you want to check it out. Its an amazing album, and if you’re a rock fan at all I’m sure you’ll like it.

The weather has been warming up a little…as in, its not frigid cold and there is actually sun in the sky. Still snow on the ground, though. I’m starting to think it may never melt! Shawn and I went to a diner by our apartment on Saturday morning for breakfast. It was tiny and cute and didn’t take credit cards. lol. I had a huge yummy Belgian waffle and sausage. The pancake party was also that night, so I basically ate breakfast food all day.

And so ends another ridiculously long blog entry. haha

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  1. I love Lady Antebellum. And that song. Well, i did. Until it got unGodly popular. I liked it when I first heard it, though. Ah well. Of course, I’m a big country person, so that might account for that.. 😛 :love:

    1. Yea, its just not my style I guess (I must have weird taste or something since so many ppl like it lol!). I definitely think the over-playing of it made me dislike it more than I normally would have, though. haha.

  2. I watched a few of the Grammy performances, but I’m not keeping up with music well so I didn’t know a lot of the people nominated. I really liked the Bob Dyan/Mumford & Sons set (and I’d never heard of them before, though my Mom knew them).

    Agreed about Gaga’s new song being bleh. It’s fun, but nothing really new.

    I’m so excited about the warm weather today! Wore my spring jacket and everything. It’s supposed to stay >30 for at least a week!

  3. I haven’t even gotten out of bed, I’m just laying here with my laptop, and damn it if I don’t want to get up and make pancakes now. This is all your fault! I wish I had chocolate chips. :love:

  4. Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you too, Melanie! I didn’t watch the Grammy Awards but I have to say, I really did love Lady Gaga’s egg costume. It was bizarre, unusual and I LOVE the fact that she’s always surprising people!

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