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This Entry Is Mostly About Money

So Hotwire decided to “renovate” their website about a week ago, which is all well and good…except that its still being “renovated” and I’m still unable to see wtf I owe them for my internet service and when I owe them by. I’m not sure why it takes over a week to renovate a website. I couldn’t even imagine having this website down for that long, let alone one that is actually important and is supposed to service customers. I also haven’t received a bill or anything in the mail, and apparently they completely ignore the fact that their “live chat” service exists, because when I try it there are never any operators available. So it looks like I’ll have to give them a call tomorrow, and wait on the phone for god knows how long listening to really bad hold music. The internet speed is some major suck as well. Almost makes me want to switch back to Comca$t (or “X-finity”…whatever the heck its called now), but I haven’t reached that level of annoyance yet. haha. (Oh, I used the $ sign in their name for 2 reasons; so they don’t find my entry in their auto-search thing and leave me some stupid comment…and, well, because they cost a lost of $.)

I filed my taxes last weekend, and already received my return! Thats pretty exciting. At first I wasn’t supposed to get that much back, but then I added my Roth IRA and Student Loan interest information. I got like $150 back from my student loan, which I wasn’t expecting at all. Then I got some $140 credit for my Roth IRA, because apparently my pay is juuust low enough to receive such a credit (yay?). So with those two, my return is much better than it was originally. I should probably put the money in my IRA…yea, that would be the smart thing to do. Or I could buy some shoes…

Shawn and I placed a nice big Barnes and Noble order today. I just finished “Never Let Me Go” (which was kinda meh, IMO) so I needed a new book to read. I decided to get “Water For Elephants”, “The Hunger Games”, and “Beastly”. I’m surprised I got a couple of “teen” books, because I usually don’t go for those…but I’ve heard good things about “The Hunger Games”, and I’m pumped for the movie version of “Beastly” (most of the reason being that Mary-Kate Olsen is in it), so I figured I’d read the book. Definitely starting off with “Water For Elephants” though…I’ll let you know how that is. Anyway…so we got those plus a box set of Stephen King books for Shawn. Order came to $53, but Shawn had a $30 giftcard and I had a $20 Groupon…plus I used some coupon code I found online, and we also got free shipping, so the entire amount I was charged was like $1. Sweet!

Shawn has President’s Day off on Monday and gets to sleep in and play video games all day. I do not. Therefore, I hate him. X(

new beauty blog post
I’ve been wanting to try Ocean Salt for a long time now, and the price always put me off…but I finally decided to get it! Right before you use it the first time, you have to stir the mixture in the pot together. It’ll turn from a bright blue to a sea-green color (really pretty!). The texture is super scrubby… read the rest

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Just added you to the blogs I follow. So exciting that you got some decent money back from your taxes! Where in Philly do you work? I work at an Irish Pub in Center City, Banana Republic, and an agency that does mobile therapy. I also go to grad school at Drexel. I am busy. haha Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the books!!
    Oh and Anthro is expensive but if you stalk there sale you can find some good deals!!

    velvet cupcakes

    1. Thanks so much for subscribing! I work at a real estate company in center city doing marketing work. I couldn’t imagine working that much plus going to school! Thats certainly a lot to have on your plate! lol

      I may have to pay a trip to Anthro soon to see what I can find =p

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