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Television, Lizards, and Old Friends

Quite the array of topics…

So I set up a TV antenna yesterday so we can get over-the-air broadcast channels (we don’t have cable…the price isn’t worth it for the little amount of TV we watch). Its totally a step back in time to the mid-90s though. haha. We were watching the Superbowl last night on Fox (Fox’s broadcast tower is really close-by) but the service would cut out anytime you walked in front of where the antenna was sticking out. Annoying, but also ended up being pretty amusing. So far it seems I have Fox (Glee!), CBS (CSI!), The CW (Top Model!), and a bunch of other random channels. I honestly forget if I have NBC, and for some reason I can’t get a signal at all from ABC…which is odd, because as far as I know the broadcast tower should be close-by…and I should get it since its a broadcast channel after all. I’ll have to play around with the antenna tonight and see if I can get an ABC signal. I’m also considering dropping Hulu+ since most of the shows I watch on there, I should already be able to get on TV. That, and the selection on Hulu+ basically sucks. At any rate, despite the pitfalls of occasionally losing signals and having to watch where I’m walking, having free TV is awesome…and so much better than paying $50+/month for a bunch of crappy channels I’ll never watch.

Speaking of the Superbowl, I think we can pretty much confirm that anything the Black Eyed Peas have ever done post 2005 is absolutely terrible.

I’m in a pretty good mood today, which is surprising considering its a Monday. Its probably due to there actually being sunshine in the sky today. Also, and I apologize if this is “TMI”, I’ve had this ridiculous rash thing on my stomach for well over a year. If it isn’t eczema (which it probably is), then its very similar to it…very dry flaky patchy skin that gradually grew to cover basically my whole stomach. I was super self-conscious about it and I was thinking about seeing a dermatologist, when all of a sudden it disappeared this past weekend. I don’t know why, but its pretty much gone save for some minor discoloration that was left over. So I’m super psyched about that. Even though no one really sees my stomach (minus Shawn, who had taken to calling me “lizard warrior” haha), its nice to know it doesn’t look hideous anymore. With my luck, though, it’ll probably flail up and return sometime soon. bleh.

One of my closest childhood friends (probably one of my only childhood friends, actually) added me on Facebook. Its so cool/surreal to see someone that you haven’t seen in a decade. Same goes for another childhood friend who added me a couple years ago. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if circumstances had been different (i.e moving or changing schools) and I had remained friends with one or both of these people up until now. It must be cool to have a friend to grow up with from childhood into adulthood, and I’m totally jealous of those who have a friend like that! haha. Although I tend to block out any memory of the hellhole that was my elementary school, I’m lucky to have some awesome friends that I’ve known since I was 14. 🙂

This is getting a tad bit long…I guess I had more to talk about than I thought. Untill next time…

4 thoughts on “Television, Lizards, and Old Friends”

  1. I remember when we used to have an antena! My family doesnt have cable or even basic channels. We’ll rent movies though.
    I’ve also wonder how amazing a life-long relationship would be. I’m going off to college in the fall and a friend of mine is going to the same school I am. We plan on staying friends but not rooming together. We’ll be the only people we know there. It’s 2,000 miles away from home (And, were not going to the same school because of each other. It’s a religious based university my church owns.) It’ll be interesting to see what happens to us in the future. 😀

  2. I can not BELIEVE how terrible fergie was. We don’t really cover the superbowl here but that shit was all over the news. How embarrassing for her, imagine watching that back. You’d be so ashamed of yourself.


  3. Eczema sucks! At least you had it somewhere that you could hide. I have it covering my hands and elbows. I went to the doctor yesterday and she gave me a cream to put on it twice a day and I am confident that it’s going to work. They are looking better already and I just started using it last night.

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